Endo Box for Endodontics

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The endo box is a storage unit for instruments used during root treatments.

There are many different types of endo boxes on the market. During root treatment, various instruments are used following a standard protocol. Using endo boxes simplifies the usage of such instruments according to protocol. However, endo boxes are not created equal. Most often, cheap endo boxes are used. In these boxes, the instruments are stored unsterilized. Furthermore, one cannot accurately assess how often needles have been used and storage logistics are therefore impossible.

Since these needles are subject to extreme strain during root canal procedures, they should only be used a few times. If this principle is not adhered to, an instrument fracture during root canal treatment is possible and such a complication could result in the loss of the tooth. The use of unsterilized needles can lead to the transfer of diseases and can cause bone infections on the roof of the mouth years after the procedure is completed.

There will be more about this in the video entitled "Root Canal Problems".



This is probably the cause of the popular belief, “a dead tooth is poison for the body.”  A properly treated tooth should last a lifetime. In the Video "Röko Box" you see a sterile endo box. It is wrapped in paper and sterilized in an autoclave. The box is opened in front of the patient immediately before use. Furthermore, an indicator with continuous numbers is included. The entire contents of the box are replaced after a few rounds. Although this results in an increase in material usage, complications during root treatment can be avoided. Instruments maintained in this way will result in more expensive root treatments. However, fewer post-procedure costs result in long-term savings.

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