Disposable Gloves in Dentistry

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Disposable gloves are used to protect both the health professional and the patient from infections in medical or dental settings.

Gloves are made from various materials (for example latex, nitril, or vinyl). There is a distinction between sterile and unsterile gloves: Unsterile gloves are distributed in packages containing larger quantities. As seen in this picture, these gloves are especially suitable for use during routine examinations and for tasks that do not require sterility.

Box mit Untersuchungshandschuhe

examination gloves



Sterile gloves, on the other hand, are packaged individually and should be used during surgical procedures. In the film "gloves" you see how the doctor puts on sterile gloves. He is very careful to avoid touching the exterior surface of the gloves with his fingers, as this would compromise sterility. Frequently, unsterile disposable gloves are sprayed with disinfectant prior to surgery – this is not an alternative to sterile gloves! In any case, the dentist should always wear gloves because his hands operate repeatedly in the moist areas of the mouth. Without gloves, the skin and nail crease are softened due to consistent exposure to a moist environment, similar to being in a bathtub. This causes reduced skin protection against germs.

Not only does this make the doctor more susceptible to infections, but because of his constant exposure to bacteria, he could contaminate you with germs as well.

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