What is a Directional Pin in Implantology?

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The directional pin is a supportive parallelization device used during an implant.

In the picture you see a directional pin. It is usually packaged and sterile within the implant set. The dark lines are length markings that help with orientation. In the film "directional pin" you see a patient with no teeth left in the upper jaw and who is unhappy with the fit of his total prosthesis.

To improve prosthesis stability, he is having two implants inserted. You now see the directional pin in action; first, the mucosa is removed by punching with a special instrument. Now the initial pilot drilling is set. Find out more about pilot drilling in the video entitled "Preliminary Drill".

Richtungspin für Zahnimplantate

directional pin

At this point, the directional pin is introduced. The directional spin allows an experienced doctor to position parallel implants easily without templates or other drilling assistance. Different versions exist, but the function is the same. After drilling is initiated, the directional drill is used in order to help with the orientation of the next drill hole. Each new hole provides a spot for the directional pin to be used to position the next drill hole.

In the past, it was thought that implants should stand within the bone, just like the original teeth. Today, this is no longer thought to be necessary. The focus is now oriented to make sure there is enough bone material to work with. Employing a parallel direction makes it easier for the technician to make dentures and allows the teeth to be cared for more easily from a technical perspective.

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