Dental Surgery: What do I need to do?

Zahn Operation

Zahn Operation

Rules to follow PRIOR TO a surgical procedure in the oral cavity under local anesthesia

  • Please do not come to surgery with an empty stomach unless you are expressly instructed to do so!
  • Please do not apply make-up since it complicates disinfecting the skin.
  • Please shave beforehand! This facilitates disinfecting the skin.


Rules to follow AFTER a surgical procedure in the oral cavity under local anesthesia

  • If a swab was inserted, please leave it in place for half an hour; afterwards, you may take it out. After surgery, apply ice (a cool pack) for several hours – not directly on the skin, but wrapped in a cloth, for example.
  • Please do not eat anything until the effect of the local anesthesia wears off. Chew on the unoperated side.
  • No nicotine or alcohol! Furthermore, avoid any sharp, crumbly, or raw foods and dairy products during the first three days after surgery. Do not pull on the lip/cheek, and no “checking in front of the mirror.”
  • Beginning the second day, perform careful oral hygiene (do not use a toothbrush for cleaning the area of the wound; instead, use a cotton swab immersed in 3% H2O2). Perform additional rinsing of the mouth with a mouthwash containing chlorhexidine (e.g. Chlorhexamed) twice daily (not more than two weeks) and multiple daily rinses with 3% H2O2 diluted with water. Do not use an oral douche in the surgical area!
  • There is no reason for concern if, after the surgical procedure, you experience bruising, considerable swelling of the face (increasing until the 4th day after surgery), difficulty opening the mouth, or a body temperature of up to 38.5 °C.
  • Avoid sunlight and physical exertion for several days after surgery. Rest (no sauna, no sports, no hiking.)
  • In case of surgical procedures in the upper jaw and those involving opening the maxillary sinus, sneezing is absolutely forbidden for eight weeks; when you do sneeze, do not hold your nose.
  • The wound is checked the next day; please follow instructions regarding medications as well as the physician’s instructions.

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