What is a Dental Partial Spoon?

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Partial spoons, similar to whole impression spoons, carry impression materials for tooth impressions.

There is a distinction between conventional (different types are shown in the top of the picture), individualized (bottom of the picture) and partial spoons.  More about this is found in the video on "Partial Spoon". Partial spoons are frequently used instead of whole impression spoons in order to economize impression material. Another option is to not fill the entire impression spoon with impression material. In the film you see how only the right side is filled.

konvektionierter Teillöffel



The resulting partial impressions are inaccurate because the plaster models cannot be positioned precisely on one another. With a partial spoon, the technician is only able to obtain partial models that pivot towards one another and cannot be positioned precisely. The denture (in this case blue) cannot be modeled accurately. Whole impressions provide models of the entire jaw and are called a "three point contact". These models do not pivot; thus, the technician can produce a denture with an exact fit.

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