Top Issues Related to Dental Mercury Amalgam

Dental Mercury Amalgam utilizes 50% of mercury combined with other metals including silver. Mercury is toxic to human beings and with dental amalgam fillings, the exposure to the dangerous element is always high. Mercury can damage the human tissue and even hamper the brain function. Most dentists now do not allow mercury to constitute the dental procedure.

Here are top 10 reasons how dental mercury amalgam can affect your health:

1. Mercury Fillings Leak: Exposure to mercury because of dental fillings mostly happens due to the erosion of the filling. Mercury sometimes evaporates from the surface of the filling. By using varied X-ray imaging technologies, scientists have found mercury within the tooth very near to the filling and higher concentrations near the gum, thus suggesting mercury exposure to the blood stream too. Various studies suggest mercury leaches into the tooth and tissues and does not stay put in the filling.

2. Removal of Amalgam Fillings with Caution: One needs to adhere to proper patient safety protocols before amalgam removal to reduce mercury exposure and completely eliminate traces of mercury. Mercury should not be absorbed in the body during the process, whatsoever.

3. Mercury is Effectively Toxic when ingested: Mercury can easily enter the body when ingested and through the blood stream or through inhalation. The element gets absorbed and distributed quickly to the major parts of the body leading incessant brain and kidney damage. The damages can be quite severe depending on the amount of exposure of mercury.
Children aged 8-18 have suffered from incurable kidney damage because of mercury amalgam exposure. Mercury deposits have been found in the urine of children who have had dental amalgam.

4. Mercury can lead to Autism: One of the most horrible effects of mercury exposure due to dental amalgam has been on the brain especially during a child’s key developmental stages, leading to high chances of autism spectrum disorders. Women who have had more than six amalgam fillings are known to have children who consistently suffer from severe autism disorders.

5. Mercury Damages Hormone Levels: The ill-effects of mercury are not restricted to just kidneys and brain but affects the other parts of the body too. Mercury can damage the adrenal system too leading to abnormal hormonal levels. Absorption of mercury in the blood stream can lead to unregulated hormone function, high damage to the organ tissues, problem in the levels of hormonal concentrations, damage to sex hormones, and irregularity in enzyme production too.
Additionally, testosterone and mercury combine to give rise to harmful neurochemicals. Although oestrogen reduces the effect of mercury offers some protection but that does not help much in the case of autistic boys and girls.

6. Men Are At Greater Risk: Although mercury can damage both boys and girls at an early age, it damages the DNA function of men more than women according to a survey of dental professionals. Regular exposure to dental amalgam has known to affect men’s health and definitely ruins the DNA’s health.

7. Mercury Affects the Thyroid Negatively: According to recent evaluations on the impact of mercury exposure, the thyroid function is known to have got damaged extensively. Most women in their pre-natal through post-natal period with low-levels of mercury have been known to suffer from imbalanced thyroid hormone levels. Thyroid function and the release of thyroxine is important to the neurological processes, and hence any woman ready to bear children should safeguard themselves from mercury exposure.

8. Mercury Fillings Damage Oral Health: Amalgam fillings are incredibly toxic to the surrounding mouth tissues in spite of the fact that dentists have been using it since long. A recent study analysed oral cells of men and women with mercury based fillings suffering from some amount of cellular and DNA damage. Some patients have been known to suffer from bad oral health, including burning sensation in the mouth, ulcers, and widespread white patches because of the exposure.

9. Mercury Amalgam is Highly Dangerous to Children: One of the recent studies revealed that children with mercury fillings have increasing amount of mercury every year resulting in several side-affects to their physiological processes.

10. Awareness of Medical Officials has not restricted use: Medical officials have been aware about the dangers posed by mercury amalgam fillings to the well-being of the population for more than a decade. Mercury has affected the liver, kidney, and brain of various dental patients and the traces have been found in amniotic fluid and placenta of woman along with meconium of new-born babies. Even after the awareness, amalgam fillings are still in use for children and adults alike.
Before you opt for a dental filling, ask your dentist about the contents of the filling. Do ask for alternatives if they are using mercury amalgam or silver filling.

Author Bio: Dr. Sakshi Gupta is a Dentist at Simply Dental Chatswood, where she specializes in root canal, tooth replacements, dental treatments for children, teens and adults.

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