What is Dental Implantology?

dentale Implantologie

dentale Implantologie

Implantology is the study of tooth implants or artificial tooth roots.

Implantology is a branch of oral surgery.  Just as with regular surgery, implantology has rigorous hygiene requirements. There will be more about this in the videos entitled "Sterility" and "Disposable Gloves". The market offers a number of different implant systems but just a handful of producers dominate the market. After decades of competition, all these systems are quite well-developed. Nevertheless, minor differences do exist. In order to find out how an implant and an abutment are structured, please watch the videos entitled "Titanium Abutment" and "Zirconium Abutment".

It is important that the abutment is anchored on the implant with a konus. What else should you be aware of during an implantation? Before an implant can be inserted, all inflammable changes need to undergo treatment and the foundation needs to be fully rehabilitated. There should be no parodontosis, bad root treatments, gum inflammation, leaky fillings or caries present. All this preliminary work should be finished before an implant. However, an implant is often inserted right away because the implant is the most lucrative work step for the doctor. A reputable implantologist informs you about these work steps!

Please watch the videos:

If your doctor explains these things thoroughly you are in good hands. If not, we recommend you seek another opinion!

Click here to see the video: Implantology

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