Dental Floss - How to use it and why

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Dental floss is used for cleaning interdental gaps.

Dental floss removes plaque and food scraps in places that are hard to reach by toothbrush. A dental water jet can replace dental floss, provided that it’s used every day. Why does it have to be used every day? Older, i.e., harder plaque, (more on that in the video entitled "Plaque") can often only be removed with dental floss and not with a dental water jet.

For a proper cleaning, take a 40 to 50 cm [16 to 20 inch] long thread out of the container (about the length of your lower arm), tie it around two fingers, and then carefully guide the taunt dental floss between two teeth over the point of contact. Move the dental floss up and down several times. Don’t forget that you must get under the gum line of the two teeth. Avoid moving back and forth, i.e., in a saw-like motion, as this can lead to tooth damage. At the beginning, you might injure yourself easily, but don’t get scared if you bleed a little; continue to floss anyway.

More on that topic in the video titled "Recession".

Dental Floss

Dental Floss

A distinction is made between waxed and non-waxed dental floss. In the end, the decision as to which product you use is simply a matter of preference. If you have larger gaps between your teeth, you can also use an interdental brush or super floss with a threading aid.

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