Dental Dam - also known as Rubber Dam

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A rubber dam is a rubber membrane used for completely draining dental crowns.

Many materials used in dentistry are very sensitive to moisture. For example, a dental dam should always be used when gluing ceramic inlays and/or plastic fillings, since the quality of the work would otherwise be severely compromised.

Likewise, root canal treatments should never be performed without a dental dam, because there are many bacteria in the saliva, which can trigger infections by making their way inside the open tooth canal. The bacteria can multiply without hindrance in the interior of the tooth and cause infections in the bone after weeks/months/years, frequently leading to the loss of the tooth! Here you see an open tooth that is to be treated with a root canal – the membrane is kept tightly around the tooth with the aid of the rubber dam clamp. In addition, a paste (the gray compound in the image) was used to meticulously seal the work area against saliva.

Patient mit Kofferdam und Zahnarzt

dental dam

Furthermore, any swallowing and/or breathing in (aspirating) of instruments or foreign objects is prevented thanks to the dental dam. As another example of the application of the dental dam, you see an amalgam excavation – for the most part, the amalgam cuttings and the fine amalgam dust are caught by the membrane. Thanks to the dental dam, the practitioner can concentrate on the work area with peace of mind and does not have to fight saliva, blood and the tongue. There are various versions of cofferdams; the latex membranes are also available in various colors!

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