Removal of Dental Crowns

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Crown removal refers to the removal of both provisional and permanently cemented crowns.

Provisionally cemented crowns can be removed easily from the teeth stumps by using special crown removal pliers. The rubber bands prevent scratching of the crowns. Permanently cemented crowns have to be sanded down from the teeth. Normally, the crown is cut on one end and then a chisel is used to slightly widen the crown. This allows for easy removal from the tooth stump without causing injury to the tooth.


crown removal


Risks associated with crown removal are negligible if performed by an experienced dentist. However, in isolated cases complications can occur that may require further measures. Any additional measures can lead further complications that can ultimately lead to the loss of teeth. At this point, only complications associated with crown removal are discussed.

For example: Injuries to surrounding structures such as the tongue, cheek, nerves, blood vessels, neighboring teeth and neighboring roots that lead to tooth stump injuries as a consequence. This can make root treatment necessary. Most of these complications can be avoided by using magnifying glasses while working!

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