Color Selection of Dental Crowns

Color Selection Chartbelsky

Color Selection Chart

Color selection is one of the most important aspects of the denture creation process.

No two teeth are completely alike. Even in your own mouth, teeth have different coloring. For example, the upper corner tooth is yellower than any of your other teeth. If you already have colored veneers or crowns, you may recall how your dentist picked the different shades.  In most cases, this is done with a color key that is made up of about 15 sample teeth of varying shades. The color that most closely matches your natural shade is chosen according to the tooth color ring.

But this is not enough for a denture with a 100% fit. To achieve such high quality results, the technician, who creates the tooth layer by layer, has to research the color himself, preferably at the location where the patient is being fitted for the crown, as you can see in the film "color selection". Reproducing the color of a tooth and its individual characteristics is virtually impossible without first seeing the tooth in person.

However, by using the color key, the dentist can deliver advanced information, such as:

  • Level of brightness (Value), thus bright – dark
  • Color intensity (Chrome), thus rich – pale
  • Color tone (Hue), thus yellowish – reddish

It is best to see the technician during daylight hours and prior to the grinding down process in order to choose a color. You should avoid wearing makeup and choose to wear uni-colored clothing, preferably grey, to you color appointment. The color should be chosen by an expert.  The first color to appeal to the dentist should be strongly considered, since the eyes tend to tire rather quickly. In many cases, the patient takes part in the color choice. However, the patient usually wants pure white, but this is a mistake because an unnatural look is inevitable.

Click here to see the video: Color Selection

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