What is a Dental Color Key?

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In dentistry, the color key is used to determine the color of your teeth.

In this picture you can see different color keys. Teeth are not white, even if that is what the media is trying to make us believe. Often times, the white smiles of the stars have been retouched. If you were to leave a doctor’s office with such a white smile it would look quite unnatural!

Color keys can be helpful to the technician and should be considered advanced information. The dentist determines the most appropriate key for your teeth and usually sends the value to the technician, who then manufactures your dentures in the corresponding color. However, this will never lead to a 100% satisfactory aesthetic result.

Dental Color Key

Dental Color Key

High quality work requires the technician to personally examine the patient, preferably at the location where the actual crown will be produced. It is important for the ceramist to have information about the initial state of the mouth as well as facial and tooth form. It is helpful to visit the ceramist without makeup because that way he can determine the best color for you using various lighting situations (daylight, neon light, artificial light, etc.). Obviously, such a denture will be quite expensive.

What is a 100% aesthetic result, one where not even the dentist can tell that he is looking at dentures?  As a non-expert, you can only see these differences subconsciously: This is why you find a person’s smile more or less attractive.

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