How much do dental implants and crowns cost?


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It’s extremely difficult to estimate costs of dental implants!

There are many factors that influence implant and crown costs. Is a bone augmentation necessary? Is a bone spreading sufficient? Is there enough mucous membrane? All these questions have a direct impact on implantation costs.

In many cases, preparatory steps such as periodontal restoration or endodontic treatments are necessary prior to an implantation, and these may raise the price of the implantation. The implantation should be performed in an infection-free mouth; thus, the number of treatment sessions depends on the patient’s initial situation. Treatments that may be necessary prior to implantation cannot be determined through a phone call. Since costs may be very high, many dentists offer a cost estimate or the like that is prepared along with the patient after a thorough examination.

Accordingly, price ranges quoted in such phone calls are very broad, and only rough estimates are possible. The following data was collected through a phone survey of various dentists in selected cities and states. The prices and conditions quoted represent average values and should only be viewed as recommended prices. In addition, final total costs depend on the specific treatment and lab costs!

Zahnimplantat Konusverbindung

implant conus connection abutment

Phone surveys in the United States have shown that a type of “separate” implantation process is increasingly being offered during dental implant procedures. “Separate” means that the placement of the dowel is done by one doctor, while the placement of the implanted crown is carried out by a different doctor.

On average, the implantation of the dowel, including materials, costs between US$1,800-$2,100; the crown costs an additional US$800-US$2,500, depending on the material used. Of course, complete implantations are offered as well, although price quotes vary widely, starting at US$2,000 and going as high as US$5,500.

Most Frequent Systems for Dental Implants

In the United States, the dentists surveyed offer and mostly use ‘Nobel-Biocare’® and ‘Astra Tech’® implant systems. However, it’s very difficult to obtain information about these, because apparently, such information is rarely given out or discussed during phone inquiries. Astra implants use the proven cone for the implant /abutment connection; more on that in the video "Tapered Connection".

General Information on the Survey:
  • Survey Period: January 1, 2011 – February 28, 2011
  • Surveyed Dentists: 375
  • Performed by:
  • Miscellaneous: Only dentists with their own website were considered

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