Why E-Max is the Best ?

Keeping your teeth healthy and clean is a primary concern among those interested not only in a pretty smile but also a clean and healthy mouth. Maintaining teeth that are free from decay and bacterial overgrowth can go a long way towards keeping both your mouth and your body in healthy, optimally functioning condition. Most of us make regular trips to the dentist, and despite the fact that we all do our best to keep our teeth clean and in good shape, we don’t always get the good news that we’ve been expecting at the end of the visit.

Fortunately, there is a solution to enhancing the quality and appearance of your teeth. For instance, your dentist may recommend that you get a veneer. If you have crooked, misshapen, discolored, and less-than-perfect teeth, veneers can immediately give your pearly whites an update. Thus, you will no longer feel embarrassed or insecure about flashing an amazing smile because your teeth look picture-perfect all the time.

Here, we take a look at composite veneers and E-max veneers, as well as the features, pros and cons of each.

What are Composite Veneers?

Veneers are custom-made covers of tooth-like material that are used to cover the front surfaces of teeth to improve their overall appearance. They are commonly used to fix teeth that have become discolored over time, chipped, cracked, or compromised due to prior root canal and/or other major dental surgeries. Instead of dealing with unsightly teeth, you can quickly and effectively improve the appearance with the use of veneers.

But did you know that not all veneers are treated equally? You don’t always have to settle for the standard, composite veneers that most people assume are the only option. Depending on the dentist that you visit, you may or may not be presented with options; always be sure to ask!

In addition to the standard composite veneers, another popular option are E-max veneers, which have some key differences that are worth taking into consideration, if and when you find yourself in the position of needing one.

E-max vs Composite Veneers

On the other hand, there is such a thing now called E-Max veneers. Most people are more familiar with composite veneers, as these have been around for quite a long time. However, there is something about E-Max veneers that may be worth looking into. When it comes to features, appearance, and overall functionality, there are so many things that you can expect from E-Max veneers.

E-max veneers are slightly newer to the dental scene, and therefore not as many people are aware of and educated about their use. However, it is well-known in the dental world that E-max veneers are not only stronger and last longer, but they can be applied to various kinds of teeth throughout the mouth and are often more economical to fit. They are bio-compatible, metal-free, easy to apply and can be polished very easily with minimal effort and maintenance. It should be easy to keep these veneers clean, which is a big relief for those who want a low-maintenance option in improving their smile.

Composite veneers, on the other hand, are typically only used for crowns, tend to look more opaque in comparison to E-max veneers and therefore don’t have a natural appearance that easily matches the other healthy teeth in your mouth. They are also more difficult to fit properly to your teeth and take more time to construct. For some people, this can be a drawback because of the lengthy procedure in the preparation process.

Why You Should Choose E-max Veneers

E-max veneers, in comparison to composite veneers, are the smart and obvious choice for a number of reasons:

  1. E-max veneers are stronger and last longer.
  2. E-max veneers use a much more aesthetic material.
  3. E-max veneers are more subtle in appearance and will blend more easily with your other, healthy teeth.
  4. E-max veneers are often more cost-effective than composite veneers.
  5. E-max veneers require little to no preparation prior to fitting; you can get the service that you need quickly and efficiently.

Considering these facts on composite and E-Max veneers, it is evident that the latter is a solid choice. Be sure to ask your dentist about the best solution for your concerns that work to your advantage.

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