Polishing Elements

Polishing Elements in Dentistry In dentistry, polishing elements are used to create smooth surfaces! It’s harder for plaque to develop on smooth surfaces, meaning there’s a lower risk of caries – more on that in the video "Initial Caries". There are a multitude of various polishing elements in different forms and degrees of roughness. Here […]

Groove Cut

Groove Cut - Tooth Stump Preparation Groove cut is a technical term for one type of tooth stump preparation for a dental crown Groove cut is a tooth stump preparation technique for a dental crown, other possibilities would be the step cut or the tangent cut. In the groove cut, all advantages are combined and […]

Dental Bridge

Dental Bridge - Prosthesis “Bridge” is the jargon term for a fixed dental prosthesis In a bridge there are at least two teeth fitted with a crown and connected with one or two links. Here, you see a three-unit bridge, the structure is made of gold. Normally, the pontic is bounded on the left and […]

Bite Analysis

Bite Analysis in Dentistry A bite analysis is used to determine the position of the lower jaw in relation to the upper jaw. With regard to its position vis-à-vis the upper jaw, the lower jaw is not positioned in a permanent fashion; i.e., its optimal position is recalculated over and over by the brain based […]

Anchor Tooth in Dentistry

Anchor Tooth for Dental Prostheses In dentistry, an anchor tooth, or a fastening element, provides an option for holding/securing dental prostheses. Gaps in the teeth can be filled with dental prostheses in many different ways. We distinguish between removable and fixed versions. “Removable” means that the prosthesis must be removed from the mouth for cleaning […]

Dental Impressions of Teeth

Dental Impressions of Teeth in Dentistry A dental impression is an impression of one’s teeth using an elastic impression material that creates a negative of your teeth. The impression is then cast using gypsum in order to create an accurate copy of the mouth (a model). The cast is later used to create dental prosthetics. […]

Impregum for Dental Imprints

Using Impregum for Dental Imprints Impregum is an impression material used in dentistry. Due to its hydrophilic features (with hydrophilic meaning “water compatible/attracting/loving”) Impregum is one of the most precise and accurate impression materials in dentistry. With the help of Impregum, the dentist is able to obtain a very accurate negative copy of your teeth, […]

Dental Crown Removal

Removal of Dental Crowns Crown removal refers to the removal of both provisional and permanently cemented crowns. Provisionally cemented crowns can be removed easily from the teeth stumps by using special crown removal pliers. The rubber bands prevent scratching of the crowns. Permanently cemented crowns have to be sanded down from the teeth. Normally, the […]

Dental Retentive Anchor

Kugelanker auf Implantat und Zahnwurzel

What is a Dental Retentive Anchor? A retentive anchor is a specific connection element used in dental prosthetics. There are a myriad of brands and types of prosthetic connection elements. The picture on the right shows a retentive anchor for an implant. The one on the left is a retentive anchor for a tooth root […]

Prosthodontics in Dentistry

Articulator at a Dental Technician

The Importance of Prosthodontics in Dentistry The field of prosthodontics deals with dental prostheses. If the ground work has been thoroughly carried out (i.e., if caries have been removed), necessary root canals have been completed, and the periodontium has been restored, then prosthodontics are addressed. Prosthodontics deals with the type and form of your dental […]

Dental Articulator

Articulator Use in Dentistry: Dental Prosthesis Articulators are tools used to create simulations of jaw movements. There is a long history of attempts to simulate the complex movements of the jaw joints, but even today’s machineries achieve only partial success. It is of utmost importance that the articulator is correctly programmed. You can see the […]

Total Prosthesis in Dentistry


What is a Total Prosthesis in Dentistry? Total prosthesis is the complete replacement of all of the remaining natural teeth with artificial ones. Hence, total prosthesis is used on toothless jaws and serves the purpose of restoring chewing ability and aesthetics. A total prosthesis is often described as dentures. The retention of a total prosthesis […]

Wax Set-Up in Dentistry

What is a Wax Set-Up in Dentistry? Wax set-up, often referred to as tooth set-up, is the name of a work step in the production of dentures. In the picture you see how the technician retains the teeth on the prosthesis base using wax; this step is called the wax set-up. The prosthesis is later […]

Dental Hybrid Prosthesis

Hybrid Zahnprothese

What is a Dental Hybrid Prosthesis? Hybrid prosthesis is the name for a detachable denture in dentistry. The hybrid prosthesis is similar to the total prosthesis in terms of looks, but the hybrid prosthesis is anchored on the teeth and implants. In general, there is a distinction between two prosthetic methods, which are characterized depending […]

ABC Contact in Dentistry

ABC Contact in Dentistry: Tooth-to-Tooth Contact In the field on dentistry, ABC contact is the term used to describe tooth-to-tooth contact in the posterior tooth region The contact made with the counter tooth (antagonist contact) is classified in terms of position known as A, B and C contacts, as the name implies: A Contact: Contact […]

Removable Dentures and Prosthesis Failure

Removable Dentures and Prosthesis Failure

Removable Dentures and Prosthesis Failure:What to do? When chewing forces are guided to your mucous membrane via prostheses, they are referred to as mucous membrane-supported prostheses. When there are teeth remaining, the prosthesis is then referred to as a partial prosthesis. When no teeth are left, it is called a full prosthesis. Oftentimes, the remaining […]

Costs and Cleaning of Dental Prostheses


Dental Prosthesis - Costs and Cleaning Methods Correct cleaning practises of dental prostheses can greatly reduce costs. Can the dentist clean the prosthesis? Nowadays, fixed artificial teeth can be made at any time thanks to dental implants. However, implanted teeth cannot always be inserted right away because they are expensive. So what’s one do while […]

Prostheses and Dentures

Partial Prostheses, Full Prostheses, and Dentures The correct handling of partial prostheses, full prostheses and dentures should be done very carefully. Insert your partial prosthesis with your hands. Do not “bite” it in, as this could cause the prosthesis to break. A partial prosthesis should be worn 23 hours a day and cleaned for one […]

Dental Crown Information

gerissener Zahn mit Zahnkrone

Dental Crown Information and Facts Materials, costs, and pain regarding dental crowns Does the material determine the price of dental crowns? No! Are there differences between materials with regard to durability? No! Can you develop an allergy to dental crowns? No!   Dental Crowns: Price The price range of materials in the dental industry is […]

Implantology and Prosthetics

Implantology and Prosthetics: Types of Dental Prosthesis and Implant Fixations What do the terms “fixed artificial teeth”, “conditionally removable dental prosthesis” and “removable dentures” really mean? Fixed means that you cannot take the artificial teeth out of your mouth; they are firmly affixed in the mouth. In this case, the proper term is not “dental […]