Bleeding Gums- Stop Worrying And Learn To Love Your Hygienist

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Bleeding gums can be a sign of oral issues, so it is best not to ignore this problem once it starts. After all, healthy gums are not supposed to bleed, and any symptoms of infection or disease must be addressed immediately to prevent it from getting worse. So, if you are suffering from bleeding gums, […]

Which Type of Floss

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Which Type of Floss Should You Choose? Your dentist has recommended that you floss daily. Sounds simple enough, right?  That is until you get to the store and find yourself staring at dozens of different types of floss. Before you just close your eyes and pick one at random, check out this guide to the […]

Is it necessary to replace Old Dental Crowns

Replacing Old Dental Crowns: Is it Necessary? If you have golden dental crowns implanted in your teeth, you will not need to replace them for preventive measures. This has been confirmed by a noted dentist, Dr. Terry Donovan, chairman of Biomaterials at the Chapel Hill School of Dentistry North Carolina. The family dentist anchorage goes […]

What cause toothache

Dental pain is an abnormal sensation caused by problems involving the teeth. Toothache pain can be caused by various reasons, a few of which are decribed below. An exposed tooth neck, for example, can cause dental pain The transition zone of enamel into cementum (cementoenamel junction) is not always seamless, and sometimes a bit of […]

Mouth Cancer

Tumours in the area of th head, neck and mouth Ignorance creates fear, and this text should alleviate the fears of its viewers to some extent. How does a tumor develop and what exactly is a tumor; this will be explained in the following text. Both animals and human beings are composed of many different […]

AIDS and Dentistry

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Acquired Immunodeficinecy Syndrome(AIDS): a fictional plague?  The current belief worldwide is that is that the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) causes Acquired Immunodeficinecy Syndrome (AIDS). Most people would say that it’s the incontrovertible truth. But what is truth? In current times, where one scandal follows hot on the heels of another, this is a question we […]

Wearing Braces Too Long: Possible Complications

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According to a CBS news article, a 22-year-old man is suing his orthodontist after having allegedly worn his braces for 11 years. The argument is that while Dr. Brad Chvatal did not install the braces he was responsible for the patient’s dental care while they remained on the patient’s teeth. Dr. Chvatal argues that the […]

Tips to Prevent Cavities

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A beautiful smile can brighten your day—mentally and physically.  Mentally, smiling can change your mood and make your day better.  Physically, it can make you appear more attractive to others.  Unfortunately, there are many who don’t take advantage of the benefits of an open smile due to imperfections with their teeth.  Fortunately, some of these […]

Bad Teeth

dental anomalies

Bad Teeth - Dental Anomalies What are bad teeth? These include all types of congenital deformities in the dental area.         We start our story right at the beginning and when we say right, we mean right at the beginning. We’ll save you the details of the act, in the Video bad […]

Stop tooth pain

Man with tooth pain

How to stop tooth pain? Tooth pain is an abnormal sensation caused by a tooth problem What can cause pain to a tooth? Let’s start with the tooth itself: an exposed tooth neck, for example can cause tooth pain. The crossover between enamel and root cement isn’t always seamless, sometimes a bit of dentine is […]

How to brush your teeth

Cleaning our teeth – clean all over Often, we hurry over our teeth, our minds elsewhere, allowing ourselves to be fooled by the feeling of freshness of the toothpaste.  This has consequences: hidden deposits, especially between the teeth, which lead to a disturbance of the enamel in time.  Caries is the result. Check test: really […]

What is Salvia


Saliva is secreted by the salivary glands Saliva is produced in the mouth both by small salivary glands in the mucosa and also by the large salivary glands – the glandula parotis (parotid gland), the glandula submandibularis (sub-mandibular gland) and the glandula sublingualis (sub-lingual gland).       Depending on the gland the saliva is […]

What is Furcation?

Division of the tooth root is known as furcation

Furcation means division. In dentistry we understand it to mean the division of the roots, primarily in teeth with more than one root. In the upper jaw we speak of trifurcation (since the rear teeth of the upper jaw have three roots). In the lower jaw we speak of bifurcation (since the lower jaw rear […]

What is a Gum Transplant?

Gum transplantation procedure

Gum and mucosa tissue transplantation Gum or mucosa transplantation describes the procedure where pieces of mucosa, usually taken from the gum, are "planted" onto another part of the mouth. Connective tissue and mucosa tissue transplantations are used in dental medicine to treat gum tissue deficits especially in those areas connected with aesthetics. In contrast to […]

Periodontitis, Mouth Cancer and General Health

Infections are harmful to your general health

Is there a correlation between periodontitis, cancer, and general health? Yes, there is! Our immune system continuously produces substances (charged proteins called defensins) whose job it is to fight against bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The immune cells release these defensins into bodily fluids, where the “defensin cocktail” protects the body from assailants such as bacteria, […]

Gingival Recession and Periodontitis

Healthy gums prevent the need for parodontitis treatment

Chronically Generalized Periodontitis and Gingival Recession Did you know that gums can be transplanted? If teeth become visually longer and gums are retreating, this is called gingival recession. The causes of gingival recession can be many, and successful treatments and therapies exist. First, it must be clarified whether an inflammation of the gums – a […]

Periodontosis, Periodontitis and Heart Attacks

Advanced stage of periodontitis

What do periodontosis, periodontitis and heart attacks have in common? Periodontosis is the incorrect designation of an abnormal infection of the periodontal apparatus. The terms periodontosis, periodontal disease, and periodontitis are all derived from the word “periodont.” This term describes the periodontal apparatus, i.e., the anchoring system of the tooth in the bone (perio= around […]

Carcinoma – Malignant Tumor

How does a tumor happen? What exactly is a tumor? Doctors don’t talk about cancer; they talk about carcinoma or a malignant tumor. Ignorance breeds fear and we would like to reduce that fear for you with a bit of explanation. People and animals consist of many different cells which develop into groups; the different […]

Extraction of Wisdom Teeth

When should wisdom teeth be extracted? The rearmost teeth – the so-called wisdom teeth – often do not reach chewing height. They remain just under the gums and regularly cause pain and/or sweetish smells in the mouth. Doctors speak of ‘retained rear teeth’. The term retention means a position of the wisdom tooth whereby after […]

Retained Wisdom Teeth

What are Retained Wisdom Teeth? The definition of retention describes a position of the wisdom tooth in which, by completion of the root growth phase, the chewing level has not been reached. A tooth is called ‚partly retained‘when part of the crown reaches the mouth cavity or is connected to the mouth cavity via the […]