Pediatric Dental Specialists

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Children normally get their first teeth within the first six months of their lives. The teeth that come in the first stages of their lives are called baby teeth. At the age of six to seven years, they begin to lose their first set of teeth which are then promptly replaced by permanent teeth. If […]

5 Ways To Maintain A Visibly White & Healthy Smile

To ensure that your teeth and gums stay in good condition, you need to have frequent visits with dentists. Dental problems are not ominous to your health. However, they can lead to stomach ailments due to problems in chewing victuals. They can also cause great discomfort in regular lives. Opting for the dental treatment at […]

About Caring Babys Teeth

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What You Need to Know About Caring for a Baby's Teeth The care you give your baby’s teeth has long-lasting effects on his or her future oral health. The information below should be especially useful to help you get your child on the road to a happy and healthy smile for life. Begin Even Before […]

Five Tips to Keep a Clean Toothbrush

A Clean Toothbrush - five Tips Your toothbrush is your primary tool to defend against a myriad of dental problems, including unsightly plaque, discoloration and gum disease. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day is the most important step for good oral health, but keeping your toothbrush clean is just as vital – after […]

Sedating Your Child for a Pain-Free Dental Experience

Child sedation for a Pain-Free Dental Treatment A visit to the dentist with your child can go two ways for you - one you are lucky enough to have a child that will sit quietly through any dental examination and treatment to get to that promised ice cream at the end; Or, you are one […]

How to Help Your Kids Overcome Fear of the Dentist

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It’s perfectly natural for children to be afraid of the dentist, but it doesn’t mean the parents can’t help them overcome this fear.   In order to take steps towards helping their children, it’s important to understand where the fear comes from in the first place. Most of these fears are, unknowingly, fueled by parents […]

Grinding of the Teeth

Grinding of the teeth can lead to dental issues

"Bruxism" is the medical term for teeth grinding The grinding of teeth is also know by the Latin name bruxism and usually happens when the patient is sleeping. People deal with stress differently, when the jaws and teeth are used this is known as bruxism. When we talk of stress in this case we mean […]

What is Teeth Grinding?

Bruxism causes tooth erosion

The medical term for teeth grinding is "bruxism". Bruxism is the Latin word for unconscious grinding of the teeth. Bruxism refers to the unconscious grinding of your teeth and clenching of the jaw, usually at night during sleep. However, it can also occur during the day. This habit causes the teeth to be worn down […]

Sealing of Fissures and Pits

The Sealing of Fissures and Pits in Dentistry The sealing of fissures and pits is the preventive/therapeutic closing of the chewing surface (that is particularly vulnerable to caries) with a highly fluid synthetic compound. Studies have shown that up to 90% of all sealed molars can be protected from carious stains. Since the mid-90s, the […]

Fear of Dentists

Dental Phobia affects many adults.

Where does fear of dentists come from? Most of you know about the fear of dental treatment. This can often be traced to a painful experience in childhood and the fear unfortunately remains with us until adulthood. As a result we only go to the dentist as a last resort, when the pain becomes unbearable; […]

Separating - Teeth Surfaces

Separating Rubbers

Separating - Surfaces Between Teeth In dentistry, “separating” means disrupting the contact surfaces between teeth. At the contact surfaces, our teeth touch each other. If one would like to work in these spots, the contact must be disrupted; this is called "separating". This is done with so-called rubbers called separating rubbers. Why is this done? […]

Plaque Tablets

Plaque Tablets - Why Use Them? Plaque tablets can be used to check one’s tooth brushing habits and possibly to optimize them. Plaque disclosing tablets: What’s fun for kids should also be used by adults every now and then. First, you brush your teeth; then you chew a special plaque disclosing tablet (which can be […]

Dental Floss

Dental Floss - How to use it and why Dental floss is used for cleaning interdental gaps. Dental floss removes plaque and food scraps in places that are hard to reach by toothbrush. A dental water jet can replace dental floss, provided that it’s used every day. Why does it have to be used every […]

Saliva Tests and Caries Prevention

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Saliva Diagnostics – Can It Help Prevent Caries? Saliva Tests improve patients’ monitoring and participation skills in caries-preventing measures. With the help of saliva diagnostics development, attempts are being made to identify bacteria (streptococcus mutans and lactobacilli) and to take into account saliva flow rates and buffer capacity of saliva in order to identify patients […]

Children's Dental Care

Dental Care for Children

The Basics of Dental Care for Children Do you want to spare your child unnecessary suffering? Do it right from the beginning. Learn the process of caries development. Spend a little time studying caries and its consequences. It pays off! Then you’ll know what necessary measures you must take in order to protect your child’s […]

Dentistry for Children

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Baby Teeth and Children's teeth: Proper Dental Care Baby teeth and children in general – require different therapy concepts than adults, although the basic rules apply to both! What do we mean with basic rules? There are no bad teeth; only bad habits and/or bad education and/or bad dental care! Baby teeth should be properly […]

How to Brush Your Teeth

Dental Hygiene: How To Brush Your Teeth Brushing Teeth – Clean All Around People often brush their teeth in a superficial manner, focusing their thoughts on something else, and allowing the fresh feeling of the toothpaste to mislead them. Unfortunately, this has consequences: Hidden plaque, especially in the gaps between the teeth, leads to the […]