Naevus Flammeus


The Naevus Flammeus is not a Hemangioma. The naevus flammeus is a benign, congenital vascular malformation of small (“capillary”) vessels of the skin. In about 5% of occurrences, it is a partial symptom of syndromes and is then associated with malformations of larger vessels or other tissues such as the bones or fatty tissue. A […]

Gingival Margin Cut

Gingival Margin Cut in Dentistry “Gingival margin cut” is the term for a special incision used in oral surgery. If the mucosa must be folded to the side during surgery in order to get to the underlying bone, for example, then different types of incisions can be used. One of these is the gingival margin […]

Root Tip Resection Procedure

Dental Procedure: Root Tip Resection Root tip resection denotes the operational shortening of the root after the creation of operational access through the bone with or without concurrent root filling. Should an infection of the dental nerve occur due to major caries a root treatment needs to be carried out. If this is not done […]

Gum Stitching

Gum Stitching - When and Why? Gum stitching is used to close up wounds, e.g., after mouth surgeries. Stitching up the edges of a wound speeds up the healing process of the wound. Sometimes the stitches burst, especially if they were done too tightly. In such cases, the thread pulls through the gum, resulting in […]

Injured or Traumatized Teeth

Injured Teeth

Injured or Traumatized Teeth - What To Do? In general you should differentiate between children’s teeth-traumas and adult dental accidents. "Child had a tooth knocked out" this search enquiry is seen all the time on the internet. Independent of age, when it comes to casualties the most important thing is their general condition. Are the […]

Bone Augmentation

Bone Augmentation - Quality and Quantity of the Jawbone Both the quality and the quantity of existing jawbone material are crucial for a successful implantation. However, in many cases, there is not enough bone material for optimal support of artificial dental roots due to periodontitis, accidents, or other diseases. Today, there are many surgical techniques […]

Sinus Lift - Bone Augmentation Procedure

What is a Sinus Lift? A “sinus lift” is the term for a special bone augmentation procedure that is performed in the upper jaw. Years of toothlessness, periodontitis, and/or other diseases lead to the deterioration of the denture-supporting bone. In addition, the maxillary sinus in the upper jaw gets bigger and bigger due to toothlessness. […]

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom Tooth Removal - How and Why? This term refers to the surgical removal of the third molars, also called the #8 teeth. Wisdom tooth removal is also known as impacted tooth extraction. Wisdom teeth must be removed if they: Cause infections develop a cyst damage the 7th tooth through their growth form a weak […]

Flabby Ridge

What is a Flabby Ridge? "Flabby Ridge" is a jargon expression for a fibrous ramus mandibulae. Normally, the tooth-supporting ramus mandibulae – alveolar ridge – is osseous. After the loss of a tooth and a lack of stress at that spot, the alveolar ridge begins to regress. First, the alveolar ridge decreases in width; then […]

Oral Surgery in Dentistry

The Ins and Outs of Oral Surgery in Dentistry Today, oral surgery is a separate discipline in dentistry Most patients don’t know what’s possible nowadays; therefore, many people settle for partial and full prostheses. It doesn’t have to be this way. Here’s a small overview of the range of treatment options – you can learn […]

Alveolar Atrophy

Atrophy of the Alveolar bone The term alveolar atrophy refers to the regression of the teeth-supporting, crescent-shaped osseous part of the upper and lower jaw. After the loss of a tooth, the bone no longer receives chewing forces at the spot where the tooth was lost, and the alveolar ridge begins to regress. First, the […]

Rotary chisel

Rotary Chisel - Surgical Instrument in Dentistry The rotary chisel is a surgical instrument that is primarily used in dentistry/orthodontic surgery. This instrument is most frequently used for the removal of wisdom teeth. The narrow end of the turning chisel is inserted between the teeth and carefully turned. When the dentist turns the chisel slowly, […]

Bone Distractor

Bone Distractor in Dentistry A distractor is a surgical instrument or apparatus that is used for bone development. In this picture you can see a distractor. The distractor is then attached to the lower jaw. You can clearly recognize the bone defect. In this area, the alveolar ridge lies below the neighboring teeth. A potential […]

Dental Papilla Suture

Zahnfleisch mit eingezeichneter Papille

What is a Dental Papilla Suture? A papilla suture is a suturing technique used when treating mouth wounds. Papilla is the name for a certain area of the gingiva, namely the small triangle between your teeth. In the video "Papilla Stitch", the gums were folded to the side (forming a mucosa flap) and a cyst […]

Bone Healing in Dentistry

Bone Healing in Dentistry: Significant Advancements New trends on bone healing measurements The healing of bone fractures is a lengthy and complicated process, which has to be occupied and monitored. Only this way a satisfying healing of fractures can be assured. It is important to know the toughness of the healing fracture for choosing the […]

Surgical Drapes for Operations

Surgical Drapes for Dental Operations Surgical drapes are used to ensure sterile conditions during surgical procedures. They are used as an underlay and/or cover for the patient. You can see various disposable products in this image. There is a distinction between disposable and washable products. Washable surgical drapes and towels should only be washed by […]

Orthograde Root Tip Resection

Grafik einer orthograden Wurzelspitzenresektion

Dental Procedure: Orthograde Root Tip Resection Root tip resection with orthograde filling refers to the surgical removal of a root tip and the cleaning of the tooth canal from working from the crown area. A root tip resection is performed on the root tip when a patient is suffering from chronic bone inflammation. You can […]

Vicryl in Dentistry

What is Vicryl used for in Dentistry? Vicryl is the name of a sewing material that is frequently used in dentistry because of the outstanding level of comfort it offers the patient. Various sewing materials are used in oral surgery. They are used to close up wounds.  Generally, a distinction is made between absorbent material […]

Retrograde Root Tip Resection

Grafik einer Wurzelspitzenresektion mit retrogradem Verschluss

Dental Procedure: Retrograde Root Tip Resection Root tip resection with retrograde filling refers to the surgical removal of a root tip and the cleaning of the tooth canal from below. It is also referred to as a retrograde apex seal. A root tip resection is performed on the root tip when a patient is suffering […]

Root Tip Resection Treatment

Grafik eines Schädels mit Wurzelspitzenresektion

Dental Treatment: Root Tip Resection Root tip removal refers to the surgical removal of the root tip from the tooth root. Chronic inflammation of the root tip will eventually necessitate surgery. How does this bone inflammation happen? In the video "Root Resection" you see how deep caries (bacteria infecting the tooth nerve), for example, cause […]