What are dental implants?

Dental Implant in the Jaw

Improvements in dental care have been experienced over the years but today there are many people who are still suffering from tooth loss which is mostly brought about by tooth decay, gingivitis (gum disease or injury). For a long period of time, bridges and dentures were the only available treatment options for people who had […]

Are dental implants safe for the elderly?

Animation von transparentem Schädelmodell mit Zahnimplantat

As people get older, they become more prone to tooth loss due to years of grinding and chewing. Moreover, there are oral problems that come along, and these may be caused by gum disease or decay. Hence, it is not surprising that they have no choice but to wear dentures, whether full or partial. These […]

Facts about Dental Implants and Smoking

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A gorgeous smile is all about having a complete set of pearly whites without any gaps or missing tooth. What's more, it is never comfortable when you are missing a tooth since it can be difficult chewing your food or talking properly. You may end up swallowing food items even without grinding them well, and […]

The Sinus Lift Procedure

Grafik eines Sinuslifts

Sinus lift refers to a dental procedure that involves bone grafting. This is usually performed to patients when there is an insufficient number of bones in the upper jaw. This inadequcy may not be enough to last until the duration of the dental implant. Thus, dentists may require sinus lift to be performed before the […]

Dental Implants During Pregnancy

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Dental Implants During Pregnancy: Is It Safe to Get Dental Implants?   If you are pregnant, and you wish to undergo dental implantation, is it safe for you and your unborn child? Or, are you better off postponing this and waiting until you have given birth? Learn more about these facts on dental implants and […]

How Quickly Should I Get A Dental Implant After Losing A Tooth?

Dental Implant in the Jaw

When you miss a tooth or a couple more, you may find it embarrassing to smile, laugh or even open your mouth in public. There are also difficulties that may arise when it comes to eating or chewing since you depend on your teeth to grind food into smaller pieces. So, if you lose a […]

Bone Augmentation - Membrane?!

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What is a Membrane? The membrane serves as a barrier that prevent the growth of your gum right into your bone cavity. In various bone grafts done during the dental implantation process, this membrane is positioned under the gum and right above the bone. Your dentist chooses the best type of membrane depending on your […]

Important Questions to ask your Dental Implant Dentist before you take the plunge

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  Dental implants offer an excellent solution among those who are either about to lose a tooth or are already missing one. This innovation in the dental industry gives people a sense of relief since they no longer need to deal with the hassle, discomfort or embarrassment of wearing dentures or fixed bridges. After all, […]

Why You Should Consider Dental Implants?

Dental Implant in the Jaw

Having missing teeth can have a big impact on your appearance and for many people makes them feel self-conscious and damages their self-esteem. If you don’t like the idea of dentures and would prefer something more permanent then dental implants are the perfect solution.   How they work Below is the process of how implants […]

AIDS and Dentistry

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Acquired Immunodeficinecy Syndrome(AIDS): a fictional plague?  The current belief worldwide is that is that the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) causes Acquired Immunodeficinecy Syndrome (AIDS). Most people would say that it’s the incontrovertible truth. But what is truth? In current times, where one scandal follows hot on the heels of another, this is a question we […]

What is a Tooth Implant

What is dental Implant? Implantology has been officially recognized as a form of treatment since 1982. Titanium dental implants are artificial tooth roots; they mostly have a screw-shaped or cylindrical design. They are implanted into the jaw bones as a replacement for lost tooth roots. Is there a best dental implant? The market offers a […]

What is Dental Implantation?

Patient receiving a dental implant

Implantation means inserting an implant into the body. In dentistry we differentiate between an single-session implantation and an implantation performed over two sessions. One session means that the insertion of the implanted body and the provision of the prosthesis (that is to say the attachment of the tooth) take place at one sitting. Since the […]

Exposure of Dental Implants

An implant puncher used in dental implantology

What is the exposure of dental implants? Exposure is dental jargon for the term "exposure operation" following the successful healing of an implant. Should the mucosa be sutured closed over the implant after a successful implantation we call this "covered" healing. The necessity for covered healing crops up when, for example, the quality of the […]

Life Span of Dental Implants

A dental implant in the jaw

How long do dental implants last? There exists a series of clinical and radiological criteria for the identification of an implantation success. Of course, the patient counts freedom from pain as a success, but pain is a very unreliable partner in medicine. For example, as a rule, malignant tumors are only painful shortly before the […]



Osteoporosis - Bisphosphonate Therapy How is the dental care of patients done during and after administering bisphosphonates? Bisphosphonates (BP) have been used successfully in certain tumor diseases (multiple myeloma) and in the bone metastasis of other tumors, but also in case of osteoporosis and other bone metabolism disorders for more than 20 years. Even quickly […]

Gum Stitching

Gum Stitching - When and Why? Gum stitching is used to close up wounds, e.g., after mouth surgeries. Stitching up the edges of a wound speeds up the healing process of the wound. Sometimes the stitches burst, especially if they were done too tightly. In such cases, the thread pulls through the gum, resulting in […]

Cost of Dental Implants and Crowns

How much do dental implants and crowns cost? It’s extremely difficult to estimate costs of dental implants! There are many factors that influence implant and crown costs. Is a bone augmentation necessary? Is a bone spreading sufficient? Is there enough mucous membrane? All these questions have a direct impact on implantation costs. In many cases, […]

Implant Impression

Implant Impression in Dentistry An implant impression is used for transferring the position of an implant in the jaw onto a plaster model. The dental technician then uses the plaster model to produce the appropriate artificial tooth. We distinguish two different techniques: the pick-up and the repositioning technique The pick-up technique is the more accurate […]

Pilot Drill in Implantology

Pilot Drill - Bone Drill for Implantation “Pilot drill” is the name for the initial orientation bone drill in an implantation procedure. Here you see a toothless upper jaw – the patient will receive an implantation. The pilot drill serves primarily for orientation; it provides the surgeon with a good overview of the bone quality. […]

Implant Puncher for Dental Implants

Implant Puncher Usage for Dental Implants The implant puncher is used to gently remove mucous membrane prior to an implantation. In the image you see an implant puncher; during an operation, it’s mounted to a handpiece. Here you see an illustration showing you the function of the puncher. The puncher only removes enough mucous membrane […]