What are dental implants?

Dental Implant in the Jaw

Improvements in dental care have been experienced over the years but today there are many people who are still suffering from tooth loss which is mostly brought about by tooth decay, gingivitis (gum disease or injury). For a long period of time, bridges and dentures were the only available treatment options for people who had […]

Dental Implants During Pregnancy

schwangere Frau kontrolliert Ihre Zähne

Dental Implants During Pregnancy: Is It Safe to Get Dental Implants?   If you are pregnant, and you wish to undergo dental implantation, is it safe for you and your unborn child? Or, are you better off postponing this and waiting until you have given birth? Learn more about these facts on dental implants and […]

Bone Augmentation - Membrane?!

Zahnimplantat Konusverbindung

What is a Membrane? The membrane serves as a barrier that prevent the growth of your gum right into your bone cavity. In various bone grafts done during the dental implantation process, this membrane is positioned under the gum and right above the bone. Your dentist chooses the best type of membrane depending on your […]

Why You Should Consider Dental Implants?

Dental Implant in the Jaw

Having missing teeth can have a big impact on your appearance and for many people makes them feel self-conscious and damages their self-esteem. If you don’t like the idea of dentures and would prefer something more permanent then dental implants are the perfect solution.   How they work Below is the process of how implants […]

Mouth Cancer

Tumours in the area of th head, neck and mouth Ignorance creates fear, and this text should alleviate the fears of its viewers to some extent. How does a tumor develop and what exactly is a tumor; this will be explained in the following text. Both animals and human beings are composed of many different […]

Jaw and Facial Pain

Man with tooth pain

Often dentists are confronted with patients who are suffering from head and facial pain. The pain is often not only dental but has a complex mix of causes. Facial Pain Causes Let´s start with pain in the Jaw Joint. Jaw joint pain can be acute or chronic. The most common cause of acute jaw joint […]

Build-Up of Bone and Bone Replacement Material

Why do we concern ourselves with bone replacement materials? Whilst there are a lot of studies about these topics amongst specialists, nonetheless most studies’ contents are badly put together and not according to evidence-based medical guidelines. In addition the various bone replacement materials are unfortunately often disregarded by Professors (heads of clinical departments in universities) […]

What is a Caldwell Luc Operation?

Dental surgery team performing the Caldwell Luc Operation

The Caldwell Luc Operation is a radical operation in the maxillary sinus performed through the oral vestibule. Nowadays a problem in the maxillary sinus is usually treated by an operation via the nose and not via the mouth. In certain situations access via the mouth, or more precisely via the oral vestibule is preferred, for […]

What is Bone Augmentation Surgery?

A bone augmentation is required on the affected jaw region

Bone Augmentation is a technical term in dental surgery. This dental term describes various methods of adding bone material, in case there is a lack thereof in the jaw. Lack of bone in the jaw may have various causes. For example, after the removal of a cyst a ‘localized lack of bone’ may occur. In […]

What is a Gum Transplant?

Gum transplantation procedure

Gum and mucosa tissue transplantation Gum or mucosa transplantation describes the procedure where pieces of mucosa, usually taken from the gum, are "planted" onto another part of the mouth. Connective tissue and mucosa tissue transplantations are used in dental medicine to treat gum tissue deficits especially in those areas connected with aesthetics. In contrast to […]

What is Cystostomy?

A folicular cyst in the jaw

Cystostomy is a possible form of treatment for a cyst A cyst is a cavity within the tissue which is enclosed by a small skin (epithelium), which usually is full of fluid or pulp and which may consist of several chambers. "Cystostomy" means "opening the cyst", whereby the volume of the cyst is reduced. In […]

What is Stereolithography?

Stereolithographic model of a lower jaw

The use of stereolithography in dentistry Stereolithography is a technical process in which a work piece is constructed in layers with the aid of (screen) dots freely materializing in space. The production of one – or several simultaneously-produced pieces – is usually fully automatic and based on data generated by a computer. In the video […]

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is used to treat facial pain

Osteopathy and Facial Pain Often dentists are confronted with patients who are suffering from head and facial pain. The pain is often not only dental but has a complex mix of causes. A common cause is muscular pain, the source of which is situated far from the head. An interdisciplinary approach can often help patients […]

Palatal Closure Operations

Isolated Cleft Palate

What are palatal closure operations? Palatal closure operations are performed on patients with cleft palates. There are many different types of cleft palates. Some patients have only an isolated bone cleft palate and a normally developed soft palate. Other patients have a complete soft and bone cleft palate. In many cases, the lips and jaw […]

What is Osteomyelitis?

Osteomyelitis - Inflammation of the Bone The terms osteomyelitis, periostitis and ostitis are frequently used as synonyms for inflammation of the bone. Let’s have a quick look at the definition of the terms. Since the bone itself (the calcium structure) cannot get inflamed osteomyelitis (meaning bone marrow inflammation) and periostitis (meaning bone lining inflammation) would […]

Cystectomy - Cyst Removal

What is a Cystectomy? A cystectomy is one possible therapy of a cyst. Cystectomy means the removal of a cyst, i.e. the scraping out of the cyst cavity. A cyst is a tissue cavity that is enclosed by a membrane (epithelium) and may consist of several chambers, usually containing a liquid/mushy content. In general, the […]

Radicular Cysts

What is a Radicular Cyst? A radicular cyst is a cyst which has developed from embryonic tissue remains, usually due to a dentogenous inflammational stimulus. A cyst is a cavity in tissue enclosed within the skin (epithelium) which may consist of several chambers and which is usually filled with fluid or pulp. Cysts grow in […]

Reasons for Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Reasons for Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Dentistry. Why are there so many different opinions about the surgical removal of wisdom teeth? Three dentists were asked whether a wisdom tooth should be extracted or not – and came up with four different answers! There are many different reasons, e.g. different levels of awareness of the indication […]



Snoring and Dental Issues Lack of sleep may cause an increase in the population! Sleep medicine divides sleep-related breathing disturbances into three basic types: obstructive sleep apnoea central sleep apnoea primary snoring (harmless but sometimes very disturbing)   Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Obstructive (constriction) sleep apnoea is the most severe and most widespread form of sleep-related […]

Mouth Cancer and Tongue Cancer

Cancer of the mouth and tongue in dentistry. Medical doctors do not speak of cancer, but of “carcinoma” or of a malignant tumor. Ignorance creates fear, and with this article we want to allay your fears a little! How does a tumor develop and what exactly is a tumor? Well, animals and human beings are […]