Para-nasal Sinus Infections

Infections of the Para-nasal Sinus Para-nasal sinus infection (Latin: sinusitis) can be acute or chronic and is called either an acute or chronic sinusitis. The para-nasal sinuses form a cave system within our skull around the nose area. The nasal cavities are connected to the sinuses by small passages. There are differences between: maxillary sinuses […]

Para-nasal Sinuses

What are Para-nasal Sinuses The para-nasal sinuses form a cave system within our skull around the nose area. The nasal cavities are connected to the sinuses by small passages. One distinguishes between maxillary sinuses, frontal sinuses, sphenoidal sinuses and ethmoidal cells. Certain areas of our skull bone are pneumatized by the sinuses. This means the […]

Nasal Speculum

Nasal Speculum in Dentistry The nasal speculum is an instrument specifically designed to assist in the spreading of the nose. The nasal speculum is most commonly used during throat, nose and ear surgeries. Here you see a patient under general anesthetic; the surgery is a para-nasal sinus restoration due to chronic para-nasal sinus infection resulting […]

Dental Papilla Suture

Zahnfleisch mit eingezeichneter Papille

What is a Dental Papilla Suture? A papilla suture is a suturing technique used when treating mouth wounds. Papilla is the name for a certain area of the gingiva, namely the small triangle between your teeth. In the video "Papilla Stitch", the gums were folded to the side (forming a mucosa flap) and a cyst […]

Parotid Gland

Grafik einer Ohrspeicheldrüse

What is the Parotid Gland? The parotid gland (also called parotis or glandulaparotidea) is the largest salivary gland in the jaw-mouth area. It differs from other salivary glands in the mouth because of its size, location and the saliva composition that it produces. In humans, it is located on both sides of the face, in […]

Bone Healing in Dentistry

Bone Healing in Dentistry: Significant Advancements New trends on bone healing measurements The healing of bone fractures is a lengthy and complicated process, which has to be occupied and monitored. Only this way a satisfying healing of fractures can be assured. It is important to know the toughness of the healing fracture for choosing the […]

Surgical Drapes for Operations

Surgical Drapes for Dental Operations Surgical drapes are used to ensure sterile conditions during surgical procedures. They are used as an underlay and/or cover for the patient. You can see various disposable products in this image. There is a distinction between disposable and washable products. Washable surgical drapes and towels should only be washed by […]

Vicryl in Dentistry

What is Vicryl used for in Dentistry? Vicryl is the name of a sewing material that is frequently used in dentistry because of the outstanding level of comfort it offers the patient. Various sewing materials are used in oral surgery. They are used to close up wounds.  Generally, a distinction is made between absorbent material […]

Medication Induced Headaches

Medicine Overdose

How Some Headaches are Induced by Medication Medication-induced headaches i.e. headaches caused by medications constitute a serious problem in migraine and headache treatment. They consist of a diffuse, dull-oppressive, continuous pain without attack character and without the typical attendant symptoms of a migraine, which may develop due to the daily or almost daily taking of […]

General Headache and Facial Pain

Mann mit Schmerz verzerrtem Gesicht

General Headaches and Facial Pain in Dentistry Distribution 71% of the population suffers from headaches at some point in their lives. Of those 71%: Approx. 38% suffer from tension headaches (3 % chronically) Approx. 27% suffer from migraine headaches Approx. 6% suffer from less common types of headaches Other studies have shown that tension headaches are […]

Antibiotics in Dental Practices

Tabletten in einem Kopf aus Glas

Antibiotics are among the most often prescribed medications in dental practices. Antibiotics are understood as medications that either kill or hinder the growth of microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, or parasites. When antibiotics are prescribed, the individual should strictly differentiate between preventive and a therapeutic administration. Preventive administration is especially considered before surgeries in […]

Prevention of Infectious Endocarditis

Körper mit Herzkreislauf System und Herzschmerzen

Prevention of Infectious Endocarditis During Dental Operations Infectious endocarditis can be prevented during dental operations with the use of antibiotics The hypothesis is that bacteria enters the blood stream within the course of medical interventions (bacteremia) and can potentially evolve into infectious heart muscle inflammations in patients with risk factors. It is assumed that prophylactic […]

Posttraumatic Headaches after Injuries

Mann mit Schmerz verzerrtem Gesicht

Posttraumatic Headaches after Injuries to the Skull, Brain and Cervical Spine Progression Young patients with a very light concussion, e.g., without losing consciousness, recover from an accident within a few days. As a rule, the classic “concussion patient,” with a brief period of unconsciousness and a mental blackout of less than 60 minutes, completely recovers […]

Bone Augmentation and Dental Implants

The Process of Bone Augmentation in Dental Implantology How bone augmentation works in order to allow the insertion of dental implants. If there is not enough bone available for dental implants, then bone augmentation surgery is able to recreate sufficient bone bedding. Many a time, after long-term tooth loss or focuses of inflammation, the diagnosis […]

What is a Migraine?

Migraines are intense headaches with additional symptoms

All About Migraines in Dentistry Duration Lasts between 4 and 72 hours. In children, migraine attacks are almost always accompanied by severe nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. Course In its natural course, the frequency and severity of migraine attacks decreases after the age of 45. This is not exclusively related to menopause, as the decrease of […]

Tension Headaches

Illustration Kopfschmerzen

Tension Headaches in Dentist Tension headaches vary considerably with regard to frequency, duration, and severity. Tension headaches may range from infrequent, short-lasting, light headache attacks to permanent, daily headaches. Episodic (< 180 days/year); chronic (> 180 days/year). Terms Often Used (Synonyms) Headache of the tension type, muscle contraction headache, psychogenic headache, myogenic headache, stress-related headache, […]

Cervicogenic Headaches

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All About Cervicogenic Headaches in Dentistry Specific symptoms of the cervicogenic headache are a unilateral headache that does not change sides. It is triggered by certain movements of the cervical vertebra or by the application of pressure to specific trigger points (e.g., the starting point of the greater occipital nerve or the transverse processes of […]

Costen Syndrome

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All About Costen Syndrome in Dentistry The term “Costen Syndrome” is being increasingly replaced by the term “Myofacial Dysfunction”. Costen Syndrome is also frequently known as temporo-mandibular joint disorder (TMJ). Symptoms It affects mostly younger people with their natural teeth. Patients with Costen Syndrome experience pain mainly in the area of the temple, base of […]