What cause toothache

Dental pain is an abnormal sensation caused by problems involving the teeth. Toothache pain can be caused by various reasons, a few of which are decribed below. An exposed tooth neck, for example, can cause dental pain The transition zone of enamel into cementum (cementoenamel junction) is not always seamless, and sometimes a bit of […]

Jaw and Facial Pain

Man with tooth pain

Often dentists are confronted with patients who are suffering from head and facial pain. The pain is often not only dental but has a complex mix of causes. Facial Pain Causes Let´s start with pain in the Jaw Joint. Jaw joint pain can be acute or chronic. The most common cause of acute jaw joint […]

Discus Displacement

Discus displacement in the jaw

What is discus displacement? Discus displacement is an expression for the deviation of the discus position from an arbitrarily fixed “standard” position. The discus is a kind of cartilaginous spacer between the mandibular condyles and the sockets. Discus displacements are often differentiated between discus displacement with reposition and discus displacement without reposition. The diagnosis of […]

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is used to treat facial pain

Osteopathy and Facial Pain Often dentists are confronted with patients who are suffering from head and facial pain. The pain is often not only dental but has a complex mix of causes. A common cause is muscular pain, the source of which is situated far from the head. An interdisciplinary approach can often help patients […]

The Right Bite

X-Ray of Jaw Area

The Right Bite - Dentistry going through Change CMD, pain in the jaw, occlusion, pain in the jaw joint – these are the subject of frequent internet searches and it’s always about the jaw joint. What’s new about the right bite and functional analysis? We’d not only like to give you a little specialist knowledge […]

Bite Templates

Bite Templates in Dentistry   Bite templates are used in order to determine the jaw position/relation in people without teeth or with severely reduced teeth. The position of the lower jaw is not constant. An example of this phenomenon is when you wake up in the morning and your two jaws don’t fit as well […]

Jaw Joint Pain

Frau mit Kiefergelenk Schmerzen

Pain in the Jaw Joint Jaw joint pain can be acute or chronic. The most common cause for acute jaw joint pain – meaning it is limited in time of occurrence – is acute jaw joint inflammation, caused by leaving the mouth open for extended periods of time, such as when visiting the dentist. The […]


What is Myoarthropathy The term “myoarthropathy of the chewing system” refers to a condition in which individuals suffer from discomfort in the chewing muscles and/or jaw joint. Myoarthropathy is derived from the Greek words: Mys: muscle Arthron: joint and Pathos: suffering Unfortunately, the term “cranio-mandibular dysfunction” is still frequently used (abbreviated CMD) for jaw, jaw […]

Cranio-Mandibular Dysfunction

General Knowledge About Cranio-Mandibular Dysfunction In medicine, cranio-mandibular dysfunction is a frequently erroneously used expression for pain symptoms in the jaw, jaw joint and facial area. The term “cranio-mandibular dysfunction,” abbreviated CMD, is unclear because it does not have a precise definition. Function means “the work or function of an organ,” thus, dysfunction refers to […]

Jaw Joint Anatomy

gemalter Schädel mit Kiefergelenk

Anatomy of the Jaw Joint The jaw joint is a turn-glide joint. A joint disc separates the joint into an upper and a lower part. The turning motions are found in the upper part. The gliding motions are found in the lower part. Previously, it was thought that the jaw joint head needed to be […]

Jaw Joint Effusion

Jaw Joint Effusion - A Common Symptom Jaw joint effusion describes the collection of fluid in the jaw joint. Having a joint effusion means that the joint interior accumulates joint fluid and/or blood. A joint effusion can be caused by anything from rheumatic conditions to mechanical injuries or bad posture. Accordingly, treatments vary. The most […]

Jaw Joint Cracking

Jaw Joint Cracking - A Common Symptom Jaw joint cracking is a common symptom of forced mouth openings The causes for joint cracking have not been fully identified. Air bubbles in the synovial fluid are identified as the most common explanation (cavitations). These cause a sound during pressure balancing due to bubble formation. Furthermore, bumps […]

Tension Headaches

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Tension Headaches in Dentist Tension headaches vary considerably with regard to frequency, duration, and severity. Tension headaches may range from infrequent, short-lasting, light headache attacks to permanent, daily headaches. Episodic (< 180 days/year); chronic (> 180 days/year). Terms Often Used (Synonyms) Headache of the tension type, muscle contraction headache, psychogenic headache, myogenic headache, stress-related headache, […]

Cervicogenic Headaches

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All About Cervicogenic Headaches in Dentistry Specific symptoms of the cervicogenic headache are a unilateral headache that does not change sides. It is triggered by certain movements of the cervical vertebra or by the application of pressure to specific trigger points (e.g., the starting point of the greater occipital nerve or the transverse processes of […]

Costen Syndrome

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All About Costen Syndrome in Dentistry The term “Costen Syndrome” is being increasingly replaced by the term “Myofacial Dysfunction”. Costen Syndrome is also frequently known as temporo-mandibular joint disorder (TMJ). Symptoms It affects mostly younger people with their natural teeth. Patients with Costen Syndrome experience pain mainly in the area of the temple, base of […]