What is a Root Post?

Root post preparation

Root posts in dentistry A root post is used for the retention of artificial teeth If a tooth has been destroyed by a deep cavity so that there’s nothing left of the tooth’s original crown, then it won’t be possible to fit that tooth with a crown, because the crown woudn’t have any hold. There […]


What is Pulpitis? "Pulpitis" is the medical term for the inflammation of a tooth nerve. In order to understand the particularities of a tooth nerve inflammation, it is helpful to take a look at the anatomy of teeth. A tooth consists of: the dental pulp (commonly called the tooth nerve; in Latin, “pulpa”) the dental […]

Excavating for a Root Pin

By "excavating" we mean the preparation of the root canal for a root pin. Every addition to a tooth e.g. a crown or root caps, needs a certain retention on the tooth. If there is only very little available on the tooth more hold can be won with the help of a root pin – […]

Complications During Root Canal Treatments

What complications can occur during root canal treatments? These are issues that may occur during a root canal treatment – undesirably so! We will only discuss special complications here; general treatment complications such as nausea or vertigo after local anesthesia are not mentioned. The most frequent complication occurs when not all root canals are properly […]

Root Fracture

Root Fractures in Dentistry A root fracture means the breaking of the root of a tooth. We distinguish between longitudinal and transverse fractures. In general, root fractures may occur after accidents, dental interventions, due to incorrectly sized prosthetic structures, and after bite traumas. Transverse fractures can frequently be treated; depending on the severity and the […]

Root Treatment

Root Treatments in Dentistry Root treatment is neccesary when the tooth's nerve (pulp) has become inflamed. This may be a result of: bacteria (due to deep decay or advanced periodontitis), thermal damage as a result of drilling by the dentist, or chemical irritation (due to various dental materials). Dentine, the tooth material underlying the enamel […]

Root Canal Rinsing

Root Canal Treatment: Rooth Canal Rinsing Rinsing out the root canal is an important part of the root treatment. First the canals are made conical and even by means of special files. This serves principally to produce better results. The aims of root canal rinsing are: Reduction of germs and bacterial toxins in the root […]

Root Tip Resection Procedure

Dental Procedure: Root Tip Resection Root tip resection denotes the operational shortening of the root after the creation of operational access through the bone with or without concurrent root filling. Should an infection of the dental nerve occur due to major caries a root treatment needs to be carried out. If this is not done […]

Root Canal Rinse

Root Canal Rinse - What For and When? A root canal rinse is used to clean a reconditioned root canal during a root canal treatment. If chemicals and/or deep caries and/or the overheating of a tooth during the cutting of a crown lead to the dying off of the dental nerve, the nerve must be […]

Root Canal Treatment

All About Root Canal Treatment in Dentistry A root canal has to be performed if the dental nerve (Latin: Pulpa) has died and/or is infected. As a patient, you may or may not experience pain leading up to a root canal. Some causes for the pulp dying are: Deep-seated caries severe heat during the cutting […]

Dental Restoration

Tooth Odyssey

Dental Restoration - CheckDent Informs You What To Look Out For! Restoration of the mouth doesn’t only cost money – it also costs time and energy. For a lot of people dental restoration also involves fear and other discomforts. We’d like to give you a couple of basic pointers here as to how dental restoration […]

Lentulo Spiral

What is a Lentulo Spiral? A Lentulo spiral is a fine filling instrument used to distribute (rotate in) root canal sealer throughout the depth of the root canal system during a root canal treatment. When a dental nerve dies off during the cutting of a tooth for a crown due to chemicals and/or a deep […]

Sodium Hypochlorite

Sodium Hypochlorite Usage in Root Canal Treatment In dentistry, sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) is used to rinse root canals during root canal treatments. If chemicals and/or deep caries and/or the overheating of a tooth during the cutting of a crown lead to the dying off of the dental nerve, the nerve must be removed and the […]

Paper Points in Dentistry

The Importance of Paper Points in Dentistry In dentistry, paper points are disposable articles that are used to dry root canals. If, for example, chemicals, deep caries and/or the overheating of a tooth during the cutting of a crown lead to the dying off of the dental nerve, then the nerve must be removed; otherwise, […]

Internal Tooth Bleaching

Internal Tooth Bleaching in Dentistry Internal bleaching means that a discolored tooth is bleached from the inside. Due to an incorrect root canal treatment, a tooth may become severely discolored. Without the use of a cofferdam, bacteria, blood, and saliva components enter the tooth canal during the root canal treatment. Bacteria decomposition products will then […]

Endo Box in Endodontics

Endo Box for Endodontics The endo box is a storage unit for instruments used during root treatments. There are many different types of endo boxes on the market. During root treatment, various instruments are used following a standard protocol. Using endo boxes simplifies the usage of such instruments according to protocol. However, endo boxes are […]

Endodontology and Root Canal Treatment

Grafik einer Wurzelbehandlung im Unterkiefer

What is Endodontology and Root Canal Treatment? Endodontology is the Latin term for the science of root treatment. The causes of root treatment and how you can avoid it can be seen in the following videos: Initial Caries Root Canal Treatment Plaque If root treatment becomes necessary despite preventative measures, a successfully root-treated tooth can […]

Roeko Root Treatment Box

Endodontology - Roeko Root Treatment Box The roeko root treatment box provides helpful storage assistance for root treatment instruments. The goal of any root treatment is to cleanly refurbish the root canals.  Since a complete, 100% cleaning of the interior of the teeth is never completely successful, the canals should be sealed with material so […]

Retrograde Root Tip Resection

Grafik einer Wurzelspitzenresektion mit retrogradem Verschluss

Dental Procedure: Retrograde Root Tip Resection Root tip resection with retrograde filling refers to the surgical removal of a root tip and the cleaning of the tooth canal from below. It is also referred to as a retrograde apex seal. A root tip resection is performed on the root tip when a patient is suffering […]

Root Tip Resection Treatment

Grafik eines Schädels mit Wurzelspitzenresektion

Dental Treatment: Root Tip Resection Root tip removal refers to the surgical removal of the root tip from the tooth root. Chronic inflammation of the root tip will eventually necessitate surgery. How does this bone inflammation happen? In the video "Root Resection" you see how deep caries (bacteria infecting the tooth nerve), for example, cause […]