Repetition of a Root Canal Treatment

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General considerations about the revision (repetition) of a root canal treatment The objective of the revision lies in the elimination or prevention of clinical symptoms through a renewed preparation. Like every medical procedure, a root canal is associated with a high, but nevertheless, limited probability of success. Due to the complexity of the cavity system, […]

Antibiotics in Dental Practices

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Antibiotics are among the most often prescribed medications in dental practices. Antibiotics are understood as medications that either kill or hinder the growth of microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, or parasites. When antibiotics are prescribed, the individual should strictly differentiate between preventive and a therapeutic administration. Preventive administration is especially considered before surgeries in […]

Root Canal Treatment vs. Tooth Implants

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Which Is The Best Option - Root Canal Treatment or Tooth Implants? A tooth with a well done root canal should last a lifetime! One hears horror stories about “dead” teeth, i.e., teeth that have undergone a root canal. As an aside, “dead” teeth do not exist; teeth are minerals and are thus always “inanimate.” […]