Dental Bridge

Dental Bridge - Prosthesis “Bridge” is the jargon term for a fixed dental prosthesis In a bridge there are at least two teeth fitted with a crown and connected with one or two links. Here, you see a three-unit bridge, the structure is made of gold. Normally, the pontic is bounded on the left and […]

Bite Analysis

Bite Analysis in Dentistry A bite analysis is used to determine the position of the lower jaw in relation to the upper jaw. With regard to its position vis-à-vis the upper jaw, the lower jaw is not positioned in a permanent fashion; i.e., its optimal position is recalculated over and over by the brain based […]

Setting Time in Dentistry

Setting Time - Dental Terminology Setting Time refers the amount of time that a liquid material needs to solidify. In dental medicine, the setting time plays an important role, especially when it comes to casting materials. After the setting time has elapsed, the pressing pressure can be lifted, e.g., in the case of dental impressions. […]

Dental Impressions of Teeth

Dental Impressions of Teeth in Dentistry A dental impression is an impression of one’s teeth using an elastic impression material that creates a negative of your teeth. The impression is then cast using gypsum in order to create an accurate copy of the mouth (a model). The cast is later used to create dental prosthetics. […]

Impregum for Dental Imprints

Using Impregum for Dental Imprints Impregum is an impression material used in dentistry. Due to its hydrophilic features (with hydrophilic meaning “water compatible/attracting/loving”) Impregum is one of the most precise and accurate impression materials in dentistry. With the help of Impregum, the dentist is able to obtain a very accurate negative copy of your teeth, […]

Dental Retentive Anchor

Kugelanker auf Implantat und Zahnwurzel

What is a Dental Retentive Anchor? A retentive anchor is a specific connection element used in dental prosthetics. There are a myriad of brands and types of prosthetic connection elements. The picture on the right shows a retentive anchor for an implant. The one on the left is a retentive anchor for a tooth root […]

Dental Partial Spoon

What is a Dental Partial Spoon? Partial spoons, similar to whole impression spoons, carry impression materials for tooth impressions. There is a distinction between conventional (different types are shown in the top of the picture), individualized (bottom of the picture) and partial spoons.  More about this is found in the video on "Partial Spoon". Partial […]

Dental Articulator

Articulator Use in Dentistry: Dental Prosthesis Articulators are tools used to create simulations of jaw movements. There is a long history of attempts to simulate the complex movements of the jaw joints, but even today’s machineries achieve only partial success. It is of utmost importance that the articulator is correctly programmed. You can see the […]

Pentamix in Dentistry

What is a Pentamix used for in Dentistry? Pentamix is a mixing machine for a specific dental impression material called Impregum. Impregum is one of the most precise impression materials available, which is why it is one of the most frequently used. With the help of Impregum, the dentist is able to get a very […]

Total Prosthesis in Dentistry


What is a Total Prosthesis in Dentistry? Total prosthesis is the complete replacement of all of the remaining natural teeth with artificial ones. Hence, total prosthesis is used on toothless jaws and serves the purpose of restoring chewing ability and aesthetics. A total prosthesis is often described as dentures. The retention of a total prosthesis […]

Wax Set-Up in Dentistry

What is a Wax Set-Up in Dentistry? Wax set-up, often referred to as tooth set-up, is the name of a work step in the production of dentures. In the picture you see how the technician retains the teeth on the prosthesis base using wax; this step is called the wax set-up. The prosthesis is later […]

Arkansas Stone in Dentistry

Arkansas Stone Application in Dentistry In dentistry, Arkansas Stones are most commonly used to smooth fillings. When the dentist grinds a tooth, this is usually done with a diamond grinder. As you can see in the video "Arkansas Stone", rough surface of the diamond ensures minimal warming of the tooth during the grinding process. At […]

Algin Acid Salt

What is Algin Acid Salt in Dentistry? Salts from algin acid are generally called alginate. In dentistry, alginates are used for impression materials. Alginate is mixed with water at a certain consistency. In dental practice it is then used in the production of teeth and jaw impressions.  It has no harmful side effects and allows […]