Porcelain Fused to Metal Vs Zirconia Crowns

When it come to improving the quality of your smile, there are a few options available. There's the zirconia crown or PFM , gold-based, and porcelain fused to metal crown. However, the two most popular choices now include the PFM and the zirconia crowns, which are known for their maximum strength and great aesthetics. But […]

Do Porcelain Veneers Ruin Your Teeth?

Oberkiefermodell mit einer Zahnbrücke und Veneers

Your teeth have a massive impact on your appearance, as well as your digestion and self-confidence. If you have a complete set of teeth, you will feel more at ease each time you open your mouth to smile or talk. This is why if you're concerned about a missing tooth or some flaws with your […]

What are Ceramic Inlays?

Amalgamfüllungen und Keramikinlays zum Vergleich

If you have oral issues such as dental carries, one of the best ways to address this is through ceramic inlays. Here, we look into the entire process involved in the preparation of a ceramic inlay, so you can learn more about the benefits and features that it offers. The Initial Phase During the initial […]

Composite Veneers vs. E-Max Veneers

Why E-Max is the Best ? Keeping your teeth healthy and clean is a primary concern among those interested not only in a pretty smile but also a clean and healthy mouth. Maintaining teeth that are free from decay and bacterial overgrowth can go a long way towards keeping both your mouth and your body […]

Can veneers be replaced?

Veneers enhance the beauty of your smile. In fact, if you are concerned about the shape and size of your teeth, you can address these issues by simply having veneers done. However, what can be done in case your veneers are damaged? Is it possible to have them replaced, and if so, what will the […]

Bleeding Gums- Stop Worrying And Learn To Love Your Hygienist

Frau mit gesundem Zahnfleisch, beißt in Apfel

Bleeding gums can be a sign of oral issues, so it is best not to ignore this problem once it starts. After all, healthy gums are not supposed to bleed, and any symptoms of infection or disease must be addressed immediately to prevent it from getting worse. So, if you are suffering from bleeding gums, […]

Dental Mercury Amalgam

Top Issues Related to Dental Mercury Amalgam Dental Mercury Amalgam utilizes 50% of mercury combined with other metals including silver. Mercury is toxic to human beings and with dental amalgam fillings, the exposure to the dangerous element is always high. Mercury can damage the human tissue and even hamper the brain function. Most dentists now […]

Why You Need To Have Regular Dental Checkup

Frauen lachend in Wartehalle

‘Some pains are physical, and some pains are mental, but the one that's both is dental’ - Ogden Nash When was the last time you had an appointment with your dentist? When was that, you thought about your dental hygiene lastly? Can’t figure it out, right? Don’t worry, you will run to him the moment, […]

5 Ways To Maintain A Visibly White & Healthy Smile

To ensure that your teeth and gums stay in good condition, you need to have frequent visits with dentists. Dental problems are not ominous to your health. However, they can lead to stomach ailments due to problems in chewing victuals. They can also cause great discomfort in regular lives. Opting for the dental treatment at […]

Five Tips to Keep a Clean Toothbrush

A Clean Toothbrush - five Tips Your toothbrush is your primary tool to defend against a myriad of dental problems, including unsightly plaque, discoloration and gum disease. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day is the most important step for good oral health, but keeping your toothbrush clean is just as vital – after […]

Why You Need to Go to the Dentist

Did you know that going to the dentist could save your life? We’re all aware that dentists are there for us when we need them to take care of a painful cavity, to whiten our teeth or to remind us to floss more. But maintaining the health of our mouth is just as important as […]

Is it necessary to replace Old Dental Crowns

Replacing Old Dental Crowns: Is it Necessary? If you have golden dental crowns implanted in your teeth, you will not need to replace them for preventive measures. This has been confirmed by a noted dentist, Dr. Terry Donovan, chairman of Biomaterials at the Chapel Hill School of Dentistry North Carolina. The family dentist anchorage goes […]

What is Esthetic Dentistry

Esthetic dentistry is a specialized branch of dentistry that strives to achieve the utmost natural beauty of the teeth. Initially, gum (gingiva) and tooth remodeling techniques were developed for models, movie stars, and others who felt the professional need for a beautiful smile and were willing to take certain health risks to achieve such a […]

What is Bonding

What takes my dentist so long to do in my mouh? Dentistry has hanged a lot.  In earlier times fillings were mainly cemented or simply pressed into the cavity.  Nowadays things are glued.  In order to give you a better view of the glueing procedure so that you might be able to keep calmer in […]

What cause toothache

Dental pain is an abnormal sensation caused by problems involving the teeth. Toothache pain can be caused by various reasons, a few of which are decribed below. An exposed tooth neck, for example, can cause dental pain The transition zone of enamel into cementum (cementoenamel junction) is not always seamless, and sometimes a bit of […]

Tooth Bleaching Risks

The effects of tooth bleaching

Tooth bleaching in modern aesthetic dental medicine The bleaching effect is caused by active oxygen. There are no changes to the tooth enamel and nothing is removed, sanded down or etched. Possible Side Effects: One of the most common side-effects is a temporary hypersensitivity of the teeth when in contact with hot or cold stimulation; […]

Gingival Recession and Periodontitis

Healthy gums prevent the need for parodontitis treatment

Chronically Generalized Periodontitis and Gingival Recession Did you know that gums can be transplanted? If teeth become visually longer and gums are retreating, this is called gingival recession. The causes of gingival recession can be many, and successful treatments and therapies exist. First, it must be clarified whether an inflammation of the gums – a […]

Temporary Prostheses

What is a Temporary Prosthesis? A temporary prosthesis protects a tooth after it has been prepared for a crown. The temporary prosthesis can be produced and set in the patient’s mouth directly by the dentist or it could be done in a dental laboratory. Thanks to temporary prostheses no one needs to leave the clinic […]

Cosmetic Dentistry vs. Aesthetic Dentistry

Two Ways to the same Goal: Lovely Teeth through Cosmetics or Aesthetics? Franz Kafka once said: "Whoever has the ability to recognise beauty will never get old." One’s smile is as unique as its owner. A lovely smile is an invitation to our fellow man to get to know us. It is most unfair that […]

Ceramic Inlays and Veneers

Ceramic inlays nowadays are essentially divided into two components: the ceramic material and the attachment. The ceramic material is essentially the filling, and the attachment (fixing composite, adhesive and similar substances) fixes it in place in the tooth. Ceramic components are supplied and prepared by dental laboratories (e.g. feldspar and glass ceramics) or prefabricated industrially […]