Ceramic Inlay

Amalgamfüllungen und Keramikinlays zum Vergleich

Ceramic Inlay in Dentistry A ceramic inlay is a dental filling made of ceramic and produced in a dental lab. They are generally used to treat the consequences of dental caries.     First, the old fillings are removed; cooling with water prevents the tooth from overheating. The removal of the fillings and the cutting […]

Toothbrush Trauma

What Is Toothbrush Trauma A toothbrush is used for cleaning one’s teeth. However, using an improper brushing technique can actually cause you to harm your teeth! In such cases, dentists call this “toothbrush trauma.” The wrong brushing technique may cause and/or worsen defects on the tooth necks. If the toothbrush is scrubbed back and forth […]

Dental Restoration

Tooth Odyssey

Dental Restoration - CheckDent Informs You What To Look Out For! Restoration of the mouth doesn’t only cost money – it also costs time and energy. For a lot of people dental restoration also involves fear and other discomforts. We’d like to give you a couple of basic pointers here as to how dental restoration […]

Bad Breath - Foetor ex Ore - Halitosis

Halitosis (Foetor ex Ore) is more commonly known as bad breath. Bad breath is viewed as unpleasant or repulsive and is considered a deal-breaker in society as well as in the search for a partner. It’s all the more remarkable then that, according to estimates, every fourth adult in Europe has bad breath every now […]

Gingival Mask

What is a Gingival Mask? A gingival mask is a gum protector made of silicon. In the video, you see the gingival mask as it’s used, in this case, during a bleaching. You can see how the gums are protected with a gingival mask prior to the bleaching. For this purpose, a special rubber compound […]

Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile - I Want One! Anybody who acquires the ability to see beauty never grows old! Every person is unique, and so is their smile. A smile serves as an invitation to our fellow human beings to get to know us. Stars show us how it’s done: Julia Roberts, George Clooney, etc., have particularly […]

Wedge Shaped Defects

What Are Wedge Shaped Defects? Wedge-shaped defects describe defects in the hard dental substance at the border where the dental enamel meets the root cement. The enamel-cement border of a tooth is the area where the dental enamel transitions into the root cement. Dental enamel is structured similarly to a crystal. The so-called enamel rod […]

Internal Tooth Bleaching

Internal Tooth Bleaching in Dentistry Internal bleaching means that a discolored tooth is bleached from the inside. Due to an incorrect root canal treatment, a tooth may become severely discolored. Without the use of a cofferdam, bacteria, blood, and saliva components enter the tooth canal during the root canal treatment. Bacteria decomposition products will then […]

Dental Crown Color Selection

Color Selection Chart

Color Selection of Dental Crowns Color selection is one of the most important aspects of the denture creation process. No two teeth are completely alike. Even in your own mouth, teeth have different coloring. For example, the upper corner tooth is yellower than any of your other teeth. If you already have colored veneers or […]

Dental Color Key

What is a Dental Color Key? In dentistry, the color key is used to determine the color of your teeth. In this picture you can see different color keys. Teeth are not white, even if that is what the media is trying to make us believe. Often times, the white smiles of the stars have […]

Tooth Sulcus

Tooth Sulcus in Dentistry Sulcus is the anatomical term for a particular gum area. In the animation "Sulcus" you see the cross-section of a tooth. You can recognize: bone the tooth root the root skin and the gums     These structures are called a periodontium. The gums usually begin at the enamel cement border, […]

Red White Aesthetics in Dentistry

schöne Zahnfleisch Ästhetik

What are Red-White Aesthetics in Dentistry? The term “red-white aesthetics” refers to the interaction between color, structure and teeth position in relation to the posture and appearance of the gums. The harmony and beauty of our smile is characterized by both our teeth and our gums. “Red-white” aesthetics refers to the gums (red) and the […]

Dental Veneers

vorher nachher Bilder von Zahnveneers

Dental Veneers in Dentistry A veneer is a wafer-thin, translucent ceramic shell that is placed over the tooth and applied with a special glue. Veneers are predominantly used on the frontal teeth. In the Video Porcelain Veneers" you see two veneers on the plaster model; the veneer is held and turned with a special stick […]

Tooth Ornaments

verschiedene Zahnsteinchen als Zahnschmuck

Tooth Ornaments: Dental Aesthetics Tooth ornaments are popular in dental cosmetics. The various forms of tooth ornaments share one thing in common: There is no drilling involved. Tooth ornaments can easily be removed and the teeth are not damaged in any way. The jewelry is gently glued onto the teeth and the process is completely […]

Refined Provisional Solution

Refined Provisional Solution

Refined Provisional Solution in Dentistry Refined provisional solution is the term for a denture made by a dental technician for provisional purposes. Nowadays, you do not have to leave a doctor’s office without teeth, whether you are getting a single tooth or the entire denture replaced. Often times, the dentist will create dentures immediately in […]

Tooth Whitening and Tooth Bleaching

Vorher Nachherbild von Zahnbleaching

Tooth Bleaching and Tooth Whitening in Dentistry The importance of dental aesthetics for patients has greatly increased in recent years. The development of simple, fast, and safe bleaching methods has strengthened this trend. By now, many people recognize that one can make a better impression with well-kept, white teeth, both in their professional and private […]

Ceramic Veneers

Goldinlay auf Gipsmodell

Ceramic Veneers - Optimizing Your Smile! Why do so many dentists still recommend dental materials made of metals? The reason can be explained very quickly. Metallic materials can be cemented, and this is a relatively quick procedure in terms of regular dentistry. Ceramics must be glued, which dentists call “bonding.” Compared to cementing, bonding is […]

Compatibility of Composite Restorations

Amalgamfüllungen und Keramikinlays zum Vergleich

Compatibility and Composite Restorations with the Pulp The dental nerve does not like plastic compounds, or so-called composite restorations Within the framework of dental filling treatment, composites – in combination with bonding agents (so-called primers/adhesives) – come in direct contact with the surface of the dental enamel and dentin of the teeth.   Since dentin […]