What is a Caries Detector?

Kariesdetektor mit Applikationspinselbelsky


The caries detector is a liquid that reliably and clearly denotes caries-infected tooth structures.

In the picture you see the chemical solution (in the blue container) and a disposable application brush. By using the caries detector, the dentist always knows how much of the tooth he still has to remove. It’s important to remove as little healthy tooth structure as possible. However, caries have to be removed entirely; otherwise there will certainly be reoccurring teeth problems.

In the video "Caries Detector" you see a patient whose old fillings have already been removed. The caries detector can determine if there are still caries present. The solution is brushed onto the teeth and remains there for a short period of time. After flushing the area with water, the color spots that remain are caries that need to be removed. Only then should a new filling be inserted.

Click here to see the video: Caries Detector

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