Bracket Inspection of Orthodontic Braces

Bracket Inspection

Bracket Inspection

Bracket inspection refers to bracket removal after orthodontic treatment with permanent braces.

On the picture you see a female patient with permanent braces. There is a distinction between the wire and the brackets. The wire is removed first, followed by the brackets. The removal itself is pain free, but the procedure can sometimes cause discomfort to the teeth. The brackets are removed from the teeth surfaces with special pliers.

It is important that the bracket glue is removed entirely. This is usually done with a special grinder that removes the glue but not the tooth enamel.  Polishing is also necessary after successful bracket removal.

The risks associated with bracket removal are negligible. Nevertheless, in rare cases, there can be complications that may make further measures necessary. Every additional measure can lead to additional complications that can ultimately result in the loss of a tooth. At this point, we will only discuss the specific complications associated with bracket removal. These are:

  • Melting fractures
  • Melting cracks
  • Melting discoloration
  • Injuries to the neighboring teeth
  • Secondary caries

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