Bone Compressor in Oral Surgery

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The bone compressor is a surgical instrument that is used in implantology.

Bone compression can improve primary stability in terms of the grip of the implant on the bone. This means shorter healing times or no healing period at all. In the animation "Bone compressor" you can see the principal of bone compression: Simple turning of the instrument leads to bone compression due to the reversed thread, resulting in compression of the bone trabeculae. In the film you see the bone compressor in action: Tissue has been removed through implant punching and an appropriate implant hole has been set. Now the bone is being compressed, immediately followed by the insertion of the implant. In this case, because of good primary stability, the patient received the implants immediately. There will be more about that in the video entitled "Implantation".



It is important that these instruments, just like all other surgical instruments, are sterilized. You see a surgery container; this contains the surgical instruments placed neatly next to each other. This is the ideal storage for instruments prior to the sterilization process. The container is opened prior to surgery and the surgical instruments can be taken out using sterile gloves. The sterility chain remains intact. Using surgery containers is standard in hospitals but not in doctors’ offices. If you are scheduled for an implant, bone restructuring surgery or any other surgery, you should be especially aware of hygiene because sterile instruments are not the norm! Using non-sterile instruments may lead to persistent wound and bone infections. More about that in the videos entitled "Sterility", "Disposable Gloves", and "Osteomyelitis".

Click here to see the video: Bone Condenser


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