Bad Teeth - Dental Anomalies

What are bad teeth?

These include all types of congenital deformities in the dental area.





We start our story right at the beginning and when we say right, we mean right at the beginning. We’ll save you the details of the act, in the Video bad Teeth you can see a short version at an advanced stage. After fertilisation a blob of cells called a morula begins to develop out of the united male sperm and female egg.









In the blob, individual cells begin to group together and in this way two mats of cells are formed which we call the ectoderm and the endoderm. A third mat of cells develops out of the ectoderm, the mesoderm. So we’re a blob of cells consisting of three layers, the ectoderm, the mesoderm and the endoderm. For those of you who are interested, out of the

  • ectoderm there develop the brain, eyes, spinal cord, peripheral nervous system, nails, skin and hair – ah yes, and teeth too
  • Out of the mesoderm there develop bones, skin, muscles, urinary organs, digestive organs, blood and blood vessels – and also teeth
  • Out of the entoderm there develop the lungs, tonsils, thyroid, liver, pancreas, parts of the urinary bladder and the inner ear

We’re skipping a couple of steps now and we’re at the embryo - the jaws is located in connective tissue and there is the so-called dental laminae. These dental laminae pinch themselves off and tooth buds are created. These will later become our teeth. If you recall the beginning you note how very much the original cells have changed. From the egg and sperm cells kidney, heart, blood and many other cells have developed and organs have appeared. Biologists speak of cell differentiation and embryogenesis.

For those of you who are interested - molecular biologists have long interested themselves in the so called „embryonic stem-cells“. Embryonic stem-cells are all the cells of the early embryo. This cells are multipotent which means that they can develop into any desired cell (heart cells, nerve cells muscle cells and so on). In the course of the ongoing cell division and the concurrent increasing specialisation the cells increasingly lose their ability to develop into other possible cell types.

Cells diversify more and more until eventually they can only fulfill very particular tasks. Heart cells, for example pull themselves together all the time, from the combination of these cells the heartbeat appears.

People believed for a long time that only totally diversified cells existed in adults so for a long time people were obsessed with embryonic stem-cells since they could still develop into any other possible type of cell. The idea was that one could grow new organs out of these so-called mulitpotent cells and so one would be able to master many self-inflicted illnesses. In plain words, self-inflicted means this, that we in industrialized lands could calmly continue with our uncontrolled consumption and then get ourselves new kidneys or a new liver or whatever. Later it was discovered that a few cells in adults still have the ability to differentiate like their ‘ancestor’ cells. These are termed adult stem cells. Now let’s leave the general problems of grow new organs and go over to dental anomalies - congenital dental defects occur seldom and all, or nearly all, affect all teeth.

What if damage occurs only in the back teeth?

Why it’s only our side teeth that are ‘bad’ must be due to some other cause. Your fillings are probably mainly in the side teeth. There’s more about this and how you can avoid the usual caries – namely with 60 total prostheses – in the videos ‘Cavity’ and ‘Plaque’.

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