Assistina: Cleaning Device in Dentistry

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Assistina is a cleaning utensil for hand and angle pieces used by dentists.

The many small components of hand/angle pieces are hard to clean and maintain. Thanks to Assistina, these instruments are able to be cleaned thoroughly. Automated instrument maintenance offers a number of clear advantages:  Professional cleaning (hygiene), flawless functionality (oil care) and outstanding durability.

Assistina Cleaning Device

Assistina Cleaning Device



Assistina is the ideal pneumatic maintenance tool for: Hand and angle pieces, turbines, air engines and pneumatic scalers produced by all well-known manufacturers.

Afterwards, the instruments can be considered optimally cleaned and maintained. However, they are not yet sterile; they still have to go through a class B sterilizer. We’ll learn more about that in the video entitled "Sterility". Only after sterilization can the instruments are safely reused on other patients.

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