Arkansas Stone Application in Dentistry

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In dentistry, Arkansas Stones are most commonly used to smooth fillings.

When the dentist grinds a tooth, this is usually done with a diamond grinder. As you can see in the video "Arkansas Stone", rough surface of the diamond ensures minimal warming of the tooth during the grinding process. At the same time, hard tooth substance is efficiently removed. However, the diamond also leaves a rougher surface behind, which is much more accesible to plaque bacteria than a smooth surface.

Arkansasstein Kugelbohrer

arkansas stone spherical abutment

Furthermore, rough edges do not seal as well as smooth ones. In the animation, you can see a tooth being grinded with a diamond. One can clearly see the grooves on the enamel. If you were to cement something on this, for example a gold inlay, it would not isolate as well on the edges. You will get a better result when smoothing enamel with an Arkansas Stone at the end of the grinding process. The smooth edges isolate much better with the gold inlay.

When grinding is complete, the edges should be polished with an Arkansas Stone. The polishing, or edge breaking, results in tighter-fitting dentures and a reduced risk for caries.

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