Anchor Tooth for Dental Prostheses

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In dentistry, an anchor tooth, or a fastening element, provides an option for holding/securing dental prostheses.

Gaps in the teeth can be filled with dental prostheses in many different ways. We distinguish between removable and fixed versions. “Removable” means that the prosthesis must be removed from the mouth for cleaning purposes; “fixed” means that the prosthesis cannot be taken out of the mouth. Teeth that hold or secure prostheses are called anchor teeth. No matter which version is chosen, it’s clear that anchor teeth must bear a higher load, because they must absorb the chewing pressure of the missing teeth.

Grafik eines Ankerzahns mit Prothesenklammer und Zahnprothese

armature tooth

Delicate teeth, such as the anterior teeth in the lower jaw, wisdom teeth, or the premolars in the upper jaw, are not well-suited as anchor teeth. If anchor teeth are overly stressed, this will usually lead to the loss of the teeth after a number of years. Nowadays, dental prostheses can be anchored directly into the jawbone, thanks to implantology. Thus, teeth are no longer required for anchoring a dental prostheses. The problem of overloading anchor teeth has thus been solved.

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