Airblock for Ceramic Inlays in Dentistry

Airblock is the name for a dental product, but in expert jargon is also used as an expression for a step during the process of ceramic inlay gluing.

You can find out more about the ceramic gluing procedure in the video entitled "Teeth Bonding". The following blog will explain the importance of airblock. Imagine two teeth that have been prepared for ceramic inlays. The ceramic inlays are supposed to be put in place so the work area has been dried using a rubber dam. The tooth has been cleaned and conditioned with various substances. Now the glue is applied and the ceramic inlays are positioned.

After initially hardening the glue quickly with a heat lamp, the surplus glue is removed. This is still easily done because the glue’s interior is still soft. Now airblock is applied before the final hardening. Only this step enables the glue to completely harden. An explanation for this is provided in the animation "Air Block Gel". There you see two ceramic glue procedures being compared; the teeth have been grinded and the glue is introduced into both cavities. The inlay now follows and the surplus glue is pressed out of the cavity.

Airblock auf Zahn

airblock - without airblock

The lamp is then used to harden the glue a little bit. In the areas where the glue comes in contact with oxygen it forms tiny bubbles. This is not of great concern for us because the surplus will be removed at some point. However, airblock is now applied - this isolates the glue gap. Through the use of airblock, the glue hardens much better, creating a smooth glue gap.

Such small differences can cause ceramic inlays to appear brand new and without any visible glue gaps, even after a number of years. In the other case you can already see the glue gap after only a few months. This also increases the risk of caries because the connection between tooth and inlay is not optimal without airblock.

Click here to see the video: Air Block Gel


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