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Dental aesthetics is a specific field of dentistry that strives to achieve the utmost natural beauty of the teeth.





Initially, gum and tooth improvement techniques were developed for models, movie stars and all others who felt a professional need for a beautiful smile and were willing to take certain health risks to achieve such a look. However, dentists have gone through extraordinary measures to improve such methods and make them available to a broader public. Today’s materials and techniques have been vigorously tested and are proven to be reliable enough for everyday use.

In the field of orthodontics, veneers, bleaching, internal bleaching, and/or ceramic crowns can be achieved and unfavorable gaps, tilted and dark teeth (caused by old root treatments) can be removed, resulting in an aesthetic and attractive natural-looking mouth. We will discuss this topic further in the video entitled "Cosmetic Dentistry".

Dental Aesthetics

Dental Aesthetics

Furthermore, gum transplants and bone-restructuring surgery allows for red-white aesthetics to be corrected. A pleasant and attractive smile can thus be measured, although beauty criteria differ from culture to culture. What this means is that Asians have a different standard of beauty than Europeans, for example. This blog describes a smile that would be considered attractive and beautiful in Europe and America.

  • The gums are pale pink, closely connected to the teeth, and, at close range, reveal an orange-like appearance
  • The first upper tooth is the brightest, the second is a little darker and the third is the darkest
  • A smile is considered young and dynamic if we can see more teeth from the upper gums than the lower gums
  • Especially important for a harmonic appearance is the symmetry of the upper teeth. A slight asymmetry of the lower teeth enhances a natural look
  • Furthermore, to achieve a natural appearance, it is important to have the right interaction between space, room and saturation contrasts, as well as a good combination of opalescence and translucence

Further parameters for an enchanting smile are red-white aesthetics and tooth geometry

  • For the first tooth, the highest gum point lies further out and is not exactly in the middle
  • The center line of the teeth should correspond with the center line of the face
  • The gum of the two’s lies 1mm below an invisible line between one’s and three’s
  • The cutting edge of the two’s usually lies 1mm below the one’s and the three’s
  • The contact area decreases towards the back
  • The interincisional triangles increase towards the back
  • The teeth, which are visible from the front, stand in a certain correlation to one another

There are additional parameters that can be measured on your teeth when creating an aesthetic smile. Taking those parameters into account during denture production guarantees the patient a beautiful smile.

Click here to see the video: Cosmetic Dentistry


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