Dental Abscess and Pus: How dangerous is it?


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An abscess is defined as an isolated collection of pus (remnants of blood, cells and bacteria).


In the jaw area, untreated abscesses can lead to life-threatening conditions. Aside from pain, fever and difficulties opening one’s mouth, there are also painless ways in which abscesses can occur. In these cases the patient only feels swelling that only hurts when pressure is applied.

Abscesses in the jaw, mouth, and face area are frequently caused by:

Abszess Oberkiefer

abscess upper jaw

An incision of the abscess is necessary for treatment. This means the abscess is cut open and pus can now be removed. To allow the pus to flow, a drain is often installed; in this case, the drainage system is a Jodo form strip. Otherwise, the wound would heal up immediately without allowing the pus to flow out. However, with the Jodo form strip, the pus can now drain out. The strip is usually removed within one or two days.

Through incision, the abscess is treated but the actual cause of the abscess has not been treated. Tooth roots, which caused the abscess, must be treated once the worst symptoms have subsided. Otherwise a new abscess will eventually form.

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