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What is Sterilization?
The answer to the common question of what is sterilization is that, sterilization refers to the process of removing living micro-organisms from the materials and objects used in medicine or surgery. The main goal of sterilization is to kill all micro-organisms, spores, viruses, infectious proteins, plasmids and other DNA fragments to render the products disease-free. Likewise, the answer to the question what is sterility is that a surface or material or product is said to be sterile if it is completely free from germs and disease agents. Sterilization is absolutely necessary to eliminate the presence of disease causing organisms to safeguard the next patient and it is the moral responsibility of the doctor or surgeon to ensure this. The video elaborates how a dentist is supposed to use a Class B sterilizer such as an Autoclave for the sterilization of his instruments and other material. In an Autoclave, the materials to be sterilized are first neatly arranged in storage containers and these containers are then placed inside the Autoclave, with over pressure for a certain period of time at a certain temperature. The prescribed sterilization protocols for the elimination of specific types of disease- causing germs are possible only with a Category B sterilizer. It is extremely critical that the patient checks with his doctor or dentist or surgeon regarding the sterilization standards and processes followed in his hospital or clinic. The questions should be directed towards the sterilization protocols followed, Class B sterilizers, Disposable covers, Storage containers and thermo disinfection devices. More on what is sterilization, what is sterility and sterilization materials is elaborated in the video.
Produced: 02/2011