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Ceramic Inlay
Dental Fillings are used to treat dental cavities, broken or split teeth and tooth decay in general. To treat a cavity your dentist will remove the affected portion of the tooth and then refill the area where the unhealthy tooth material once lived with a dental filling. Dental fillings are made of variety of dental materials, such as Gold, Porcelain, Titanium, Amalgamate, Ceramic and many more. Some of them are, like dental crowns, made in a dental lab and then cemented or glued to the tooth with special bonding agent. Through better bonding techniques ceramic inlays are nowadays excellent substitutes for amalgams. You can also watch the different porcelain bonding techniques in the video bonding. The choice of material for fillings depends on the nature and extent of the tooth decay. This video shows the filling of a tooth with a Ceramic Inlay and gives you details on the procedure & dental costs of this treatment.
Produced: 03/2011