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Broken Tooth Root
A broken teeth problem or pivot tooth fracture is caused by a root canal pivot. Sometimes, in cases of extreme damage of the tooth due to cavities, crown treatment is no longer possible because there is not enough tooth material left to support the tooth. In such cases, if the roots are still in good condition, then a good root canal treatment, followed by stump reconstruction and insertion of pivot tooth or crown can lead to the reconstruction of the tooth. Pivots used in pivot tooth can be of two types, pre-fabricated pivots made of fibre glass and custom made pivots made of steel. The pre-fabricated pivots are of standard size and lengths, while the custom made pivots are made on the basis of individual pivot imprints and pivot forming. The pivots that are used in pivot tooth should be long enough to cover at least two-third of the root to provide the necessary stability and reduce the risk of broken tooth root. If the pivot is too short, then the chewing pressures can lead to broken teeth. There are two types of broken tooth root- lateral broken teeth, which can be treated and corrected and longitudinal broken teeth, which results in the loss of the broken tooth. The above video, explains graphically the insertion of a pivot tooth, the optimum lengths of the pivot tooth, the possible causes of broken tooth root and the subsequent consequences.
Produced: 04/2011
Does there need to be a minimim of viable tooth root present to be able to do this procedure. In other words, if the fracture is located more than half way into the bone is that not sufficient to hold the pivot?
Posted: 3 years ago