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About Science
What is Science? Science can be viewed from different perspectives. We would like to talk to you about one perspective: evidence based medicine. To be upfront, we at Checkdent are pro-science, and especially, for a lasting, sustainable kind of science that bases it's results on the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural environment through observations and experiments. “Science” does not necessarily equal science. Evidence-based medicine means that treatments and medications are judged following strict scientific guidelines. In contemporary science, people, who have motives other than scientific truths, often carry out product testing. These motives can be money, titles, fame, political influence etc. Previously, science was practiced for the sake of science and not profit. In this video you can see what evidence-based medicine is all about. Make your own opinion! Don’t be shy to ask your doctor if the practices and methodology used in his office is evidence-based. Also we always recommend to research serious professional journals on the web to find out if the treatment you’ve been prescribed is actually effective. Or simply watch videos on!