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What is the success rate of root canal re-treatment?

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Posted by: Erykka  (3 years ago)
Hi everyone!

One of my upper teeth, was chipped a few years ago. Recently, it has started bothering me. The dentist said the food has gotten into the gum and I now have an infection. He required me to have a root canal treatment done. He gave me a script of antibiotics and went back to him after a week. Had the root canal done, post placed and the crown fitted in but I still experienced pain. I went back to him several times because of terrible pain. He put me on antibiotics twice but nothing had changed. He even adjusted the tooth surface thinking my bite was the culprit but it did not solve the problem. He said I need to undergo root canal re-treatment.

Does anyone have any experience with failed root canal and had a re-treatment done? How successful is a root canal re-treatment? I have heard many cases of root canal treatment failure and the tooth would need re-treatment or need to be extracted. I now want to have the tooth pulled and perhaps through this all my pain would be gone. I would hate to go through another root canal and end up having to have the tooth pulled. I would love to hear your thoughts on this, please! Thank you so much for your time!