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What does my brown saliva mean?

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Posted by: ozonepure  (5 years ago)
I visit my dentist regularly and there has been no any problem with my teeth. I have a good oral hygiene. I brush my teeth two to three times a day and I floss once a day. However, about a week ago I started to wake up with slimy saliva over my teeth and when I spit, it's light brown in color. I also noticed that my gums bleed easily lately especially when I brush and floss. Does anyone know what could this be? I planned to get this checked on my next scheduled visit. What can I do to stop this for now? Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards!
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Hello ozonepure!

It could be a minor inflammation of the gums – more often seen in women due to hormonal fluctuations and menstrual cycles!

Important is to keep up your thorough brushing technique – you seem to have it right already; asking your dentist is also recommended!
LG M.C. Hurtarde
Posted 5 years ago
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Posted by: landunder  (5 years ago)

It could be a solidified blood in your saliva. You might be suffering from gum inflammation. You should visit a dentist
to have it checked just to be sure. Make sure you are not using too much force when brushing or flossing.
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Posted by: ozonepure  (5 years ago)
Great posts:-) They did help me.