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Waiting for my wisdom teeth to decay and fall out

User Level:
Posted by: silverlady  (3 years ago)
Hello everyone!

At 31 years old, I still have all my wisdom teeth. They've grown well without giving me any problem. Sadly, I was not able to care for them properly. It was hard for me to brush and floss them because they are at the very back part of my mouth. Recently, some of them have started to decay. The decayed teeth have not caused me any pain nor discomfort so far. My question is, is it possible to just let them decay until they fall out on their own? I would prefer to do this rather than go through the complicated surgery to remove them. Can anyone give me some advice on this? What are the possible consequences of this?

Thank you so much for your time.
User Level:
Posted by: rainbowsign  (3 years ago)

It is risky to just let your wisdom teeth decay and wait for it to go away. The decay may reach the living pulp tissue of the tooth, which can make it to become infected. The infection can spread through the root of the tooth and deep into the jawbone. It would be better to have them extracted.
User Level:
Posted by: proudmama  (3 years ago)
Waiting for your wisdom teeth to become rotten until they fall out on their own is a big no no. By doing this, you are only allowing your body to poison itself. Another thing is, with a badly decayed tooth, you can have a decay bacteria spreading all over your teeth and accelerating decay everywhere in your mouth. I would go to the dentist and get them taken out
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