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Tooth fracture under a crown

User Level:
Posted by: Toothsie  (3 years ago)
Hi everyone!

I have a crown on a back molar for about four months now. Now, this tooth is giving me a lot of pain. My dentist is on a vacation and will only be back after a month so I went to another dentist to have this checked. He said, there is an underlying fracture within the tooth. He told me to go to an endodontist to get a root canal treatment or to an oral surgeon to have the tooth pulled. I can't decide now. What is the chance that this tooth can still be saved? I do not want to waste money on a root canal treatment then ending up to an extraction later on after finding out that this tooth cannot be saved anymore. Has anyone else had the same problem? Please help me decide on this. Many thanks!
User Level:
Posted by: DentaPro  (3 years ago)

When there is an underlying fracture within a tooth that was treated with a root canal and a crown, air could possibly get trapped into the tooth which can cause the tooth to split. I lost a tooth because of an air that was trapped under my tooth.
User Level:
Posted by: freakout  (3 years ago)
If the fracture has affected the root of the tooth in the jaw, there is no way to fix it. Have it extracted and replace it with an implant or a bridge.