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Should a temporary bridge be painful?

User Level:
Posted by: travelerwidpain  (2 years ago)

My upper back tooth was pulled from a failed root canal. A temporary bridge was put in. A day after having the temporary bridge I was in a lot of pain and developed a slight fever. The dentist gave me a strong painkiller but this did not really help. The pain has spread to the whole side of my mouth and even into my jaw. Is this common with a temporary bridge? What should I do to ease the pain? Help me please!
User Level:
Posted by: polonia  (2 years ago)

It could be that there is a gap between the tooth and the bridge allowing fluid or air to penetrate or the bridge may be too high. Try taking some anti-inflammatory painkillers like Ibuprofen. You may also want to call your dentist's office and ask them if they can book you for check-up.