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Possible chin and lip numbness after apicoectomy

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Posted by: dentstyle  (3 years ago)
Hi everyone!

I am scheduled for an apicoectomy next week to treat an infection that did not go away after two root canals on my lower left first premolar. The oral surgeon said, the root of the tooth is near the nerve and he warned me of a possible nerve damage which could lead to the lose of feeling in half of my bottom lip and chin. I do not want to lose the feeling in my lip and chin permanently and I am now wanting to back out from the apicoectomy procedure. What should I do? Please help!
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Should the oral surgeon or endodontist pinch, clip or cut the nerve that exits the mental foramen in your chin, the numbness in your lip and chin could occur. It could last for ever or go away after some time. He is correct to warn you of the possibility because it could happen - A specialist in root canals ( endodontist) may be an option for you and if all that doesnt satisfy you - you can always have the tooth removed
Posted 3 years ago
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Posted by: dentstyle  (3 years ago)
Thanks very much for your quick and clear reply!