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Pain after dry socket treatment

User Level:
Posted by: funguy  (4 years ago)
Hi everyone,

One of my wisdom teeth was pulled out about two weeks ago. Unfortunately after two days, I developed a dry socket. The pain was terrible. My dentist put a medicated dressing on it and the pain went down. After four days, he took the dressing out and he left it open to heal. After a few hours, I started to feel the pain again. I called my dentist and he said this is normal and the pain will subside day by day. However until today I still feel the pain. I rinsed it with salt water to keep it moist and I used heating pad but it did not get any better. Is this normal or is this a sign that the socket got dry again? How long does the pain last after a dry socket treatment?

Please post your experiences. Thanks a lot!
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Posted by: mybarn  (4 years ago)

It seems normal to me. I also experienced that when I had a dry socket after a wisdom tooth removal. My dentist put packing in the socket every other day. We did this for a week. During the night, I put heating pad in my jaw. It helps control the pain.
User Level:
Posted by: saida2  (3 years ago)
Hello Funguy!

I also experienced having a dry socket from a wisdom tooth extraction. Aside from developing severe pain, I had the worst taste ever in my mouth because I could not brush my teeth well and I was told, I should not use a mouthwash. I got over the dry socket for about two to three weeks.
User Level:
Posted by: streetsmart2  (3 years ago)
I got a dry socket on the 5th day after a wisdom tooth extraction. The pain was unbearable. My oral surgeon packed it with medicated dressing every other day. After a week and a half of treatment, he then told me I am healed. However, the next day, I was in pain again. I went to my dentist immediately. He said I'm probably clenching my jaw at night. He advised me to take painkiller and nightguard.