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My veneers fell off, please help!

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Posted by: mypeers  (3 years ago)
Hey everyone!

I have two veneers on my two teeth on the upper right side for about five years now. I was not happy with them because the shade did not match my teeth and they were a little bit longer than the rest of my teeth. Because of my busy schedule at work, I was unable to talk to my dentist about it until I have totally forgotten about it. Yesterday, one of the veneers broke and fell off when I used my teeth to open a bottled drinks. Can I temporarily put it back on? I can't see my dentist in three days and I am very conscious about it. Can the veneers be redone to address my problem on the color and its size?

All answers are greatly appreciated!
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Posted by: jelly09  (3 years ago)
Hey Mypeers!

You can buy something that will hold it for a while from the drug store.

Yes, Veneers can be replaced. I suggest you go to an excellent and reputable cosmetic dentist to have this done. Some veneers are placed on badly that they do not match the color of the teeth and they look too big or too small.

I hope this helps!
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Posted by: Ciindy  (3 years ago)
OMG - you opened a bottle with your teeth? No wonder they fell off. That could even break a non-veneered tooth!!!! You can buy temporary cement at the drug store and SEE if you can glue them back on - or call another dentist and get in sooner!!!!

Veneers can be redone. It's been too long to complain about the original ones but when they're redone, bring up that you would like to help choose the shade and the length. There are alot of reasons for the length choices that the dentist and lab people make.

The dentist should allow you to see them in your mouth before they are bonded on so that if you don't like them, you don't buy them. They can be sent back to the lab and remade or enhanced to suit your tastes.
User Level:
Posted by: wantdentist  (3 years ago)
Hi there!

You can use a dental glue to re-cement it temporarily. If you are not happy with your veneers, you can get a new set. My veneers look almost like my natural teeth. My dentist let me decide on the shade.