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My face is still numb five days after fillings,please help!

User Level:
Posted by: x10der  (3 years ago)
Hi there!

I went to the dentist for two fillings five days ago. He gave me one shot of Novocaine on the lower right side. Until now, my face is still numb. I feel like my mouth, tongue and cheek are paralyzed. I can't curl my tongue and I also noticed that my eyelid does not shut all the way. How long is this gonna last? Is there any way that I can do to get rid of some of the numbness? I appreciate your help!
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Posted by: Selena23  (3 years ago)

It is normal to have an extended numbness with some injections. It usually go away in a week or so. Monitor your situation for another week, if there is no improvement, consult your dentist.
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Posted by: moonlit  (3 years ago)
Dear x10der,

Numbness of the tongue and lips after a dental work can take a few days to several weeks. This can be caused by the amount of drug that was given to numb your gums and nerve when they drill your tooth for the fillings. I assume you have an appointment for a post-op with your dentist. Tell him the symptoms you are having so he can check you out. I hope that I helped.:-)
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